Top 3 Tips to Prevent Phone Case from Fading

phone case that never fades

Typical Example of Phone Case Fading

“I had purchased an iPhone 6 leather cover six months ago but now its color starts fading. I was astonished so I search on the Google to find out the reason. However, it turns out to be normal for the mobile phone cover fading over times. Is there any recommendation for durable iPhone case or any suggestions about how to prevent phone case fading?”

-User from Apple forum

Every time after new mobile phone released, many people flood to the store to get it. After a few generations and updates of smart phones, now the phones become much thinner than before. From some extend, that means the phones are not so strong or durable compared with the previous thick devices. Hence, a phone case offering good protection for phone is necessary for most users.

However, viewed from many forums and blogs, I found that quite a few users have complained about the phone case de-coloration. If you are the one who also suffer this glitch, keep looking on, hopefully the following tips may help you fix this case.

Top 3 Methods to Keep Phone Cover from Fading

  1. Get Away from Water and Sun
  2. Do Not Put in Pocket/Bag for Long Time
  3. Use A High-Quality Phone Case
  1. Get Away from Water and Sun

    Avoid putting your phone case exposure out in the sun. The high temperature and sunlight will do harm for your phone cover, especially for the leather phone case and silicon phone case. The sunlight will easily cause decoloration in phone case. Just as important, you’d better to make your phone case get away from water and damp places like garage or the attic. Room temperature with cool, dark environment is kinder to both your phone and phone case. Once the cover is watered, the protection for phone is weak due to the material of some phone covers. For instance, the plastic smartphone case which is watered will easily get slide. It can be easily fallen down from your hands or slipped from the table due to the diminished friction.

  2. Do Not Put in Pocket/Bag for Long Time

    One user who suffered iPhone 6 case color fade felt inexplicable. He didn’t know why the phone case ran the color to his shirt and such case happened for several times. From my point of view, I sincerely suggest users not to put the phone with case into your pocket or bag for much time. For one hand, the frequent friction between phone case and your hands will absolutely lead to color fade. For the other hand, the total surroundings in the bag/pocket are really not so good for phone as well as phone case. If you almost go everywhere with your phone in the pocket, that can be terrible. There are so many staff in a bag, like keys, books, and other hard staff, which will scratch your phone case inevitably and finally get color fade.

  3. Use A High-Quality Phone Case

    After Apple WWDC launched few days ago, many customers start to look for the good iPhone 7 case for the incoming iPhone 7. To have a high-quality phone case really makes sense. You spend $650 on your iPhone, it’s necessary and important to give such an expensive device a good protection. Hence to select a quality phone case will reduce your trouble on phone. PITAKA Aramid phone case can be your best choice. It’s produced with the vacuum forming technology and laser cutting technology. This new technique can ensure the phone case to be precisely formed to fit your phone perfectly. Once you get used it, you will be attracted by its unique features and marvel at this best phone case you’ve ever used.

PITAKA aramid fiber phone cases that never fadeHighlight of PITAKA Phone Case

  • No.1 Merge of Aramid Fiber and Vacuum Forming Technique
  • No.2 Thinnest Phone Case
  • No.3 Light but Strong
  • No.4 No Signal Interference
  • No.5 Bullet-proof and Water-proof
  • No.6 Scratch-resistance Coating
  • No.7 Natural and Primitive
  • No.8 Fashion & Stylish & Elegant
  • No.9 Durable Phone Case
  • No.10 Fit Your Pocket Perfectly

That’s all the tips and tricks for how to avoid phone case fade.

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  • This is very informative post for everyone and you have shared good tips to avoid Phone Case from Fading. Thank you

    • Bradley Lawerence
  • This is very informative post for everyone and you have shared good tips to avoid Phone Case from Fading. Thank you

    • Bradley Lawerence