Top 10 Reasons to Choose PITAKA Aramid Phone Case

Definition of Aramid Fiber

Technically, aramid fibers are long-chain synthetic poly amides. Aramid fibers have extremely high tensile strength, which is why they are commonly used in armor and ballistic protection applications. With a distinctive yellow color, aramid fibers are frequently used in advanced composite products which require high-strength and light-weight properties. Aramid products are widely used in various aspects like bulletproof vests, space craft components, fire suits, football pads, boats, and more.

Brand Story of PITAKA Aramid Phone Case

To provide the better protection for phone as well as to keep the phone case stay slim and simple, Mr.Pittman and Mr.Yutaka use vacuum forming technology to shape the Aramid fibers into the perfect phone case. This is how PITAKA Aramid phone case was born. This kind of phone case enables you to enjoy the newly high technology of Aramid technique. The following contents will describe the 10 best advantages of Aramid phone cases in detail.

No.1 Merge of Aramid Fiber and Vacuum Forming Technique

No.2 Thinnest Phone Case

No.3 Light but Strong

No.4 No Signal Interference

No.5 Bullet-proof

No.6 Scratch-resistance Coating

No.7 Natural and Primitive

No.8 Fashion & Stylish & Elegant

No.9 Durable

No.10 Fit Your Pocket Perfectly

No. 1 Merge of Aramid Fiber and Vacuum Forming Technique

All PITAKA phone cases are produced with the vacuum forming technology and laser cutting technology. This new technique can ensure the phone case to be precisely formed to fit your phone perfectly.

※Weaving – The Aramid fibers are gathered into strands, woven into a flexible fabric.

※Hardening – The fabric will be impregnated with epoxy resin to hold them in position.

※Forming – After being cut into pieces, Pitaka patented integral forming craftsmanship adds flexibility to fabric to exact-fit your phone's shape.

※Cutting – Multi-angled lasers then will be used to cut out the accurate openings for camera, buttons and ports.

※Polishing – To ensure each product has a perfect smooth touch, we will then get all the products coated with our special paint. It also makes the products being more durable and resistant to scratches.

No.2 Thinnest Phone Case

Just as the slogan shows, Aramid is specially lighter and thinner than other materials.

PITAKA Aramid phone cases enjoy the honor of the thinnest phone case ever. If you are the one who want a case to protect your phone and also want to preserve the unique elegance of phone, then you are in the right place. PITAKA Aramid phone cases can totally meet your needs. It's extremely the slim case with 0.7mm thin profile, which gives you the best unprecedented 3D silky touch phone case experience.

thin phone case

No. 3 Light but Strong

PITAKA phone cases are 5 times stronger than steel at the same weight. It's the lightest phone case less than 10g. The uniqueness of Pitaka products is that it's thin and light, at the same time, it can be robust. The highlight can be attributed to Aramid and Aramidcore materials. PITAKA is now the only one company in the market which produces the Aramid and Aramidcore series phone cases. They are as strong as kevlar phone cases. Take PITAKA phone case, you choose the special!

strong and thin phone case

No. 4 No Signal Interference

Most phone cases in the market are made by plastic and silicon. They are cheap and nasty. Some of them are even made with metal which will block the signal seriously. Carbon phone case also has terrible impact on smartphone signal.

Hold iPhone 6s in hand but can't find the ideal case for it? Now your problem can be solved perfectly. PITAKA Aramid and Aramidcore phone case are the good choice. They won't result in any interference to WiFi, GPS or your phone signal. On the one side, you can give a good protection for you phone, on the other side, you can make a call or surf the internet with the full phone signal reception. The moment you try to put it on, you will find that's what you exactly want!

No. 5 Bullet-proof

Have you ever imagined a bullet-proof iPhone 6 case?

It's universally acknowledged that bullet-proof vests are made with aramid fiber. PITAKA Aramid and Aramidcore series cases are also made with the same materials as bulletproof vest, which offer the users a better protection for their phones. Some customers have taken the test to see whether PITAKA Aramid case can be shot through. And the result turned out to be surprising. The case stays undamaged. What an amazing phone case I rarely meet!

No. 6 Scratch-resistance Coating

Due to the convergence of Aramid fiber and vacuum forming technology, PITAKA phone cases are built with the extraordinary scratch resistant coating. They enable you to grip the phone comfortable and easily. In some extent, the nonslip coating will give the better protection for your precious phone. You don't need to worry about the phone will fall down onto the ground accidentally because of the over smooth case.

No.7 Natural and Primitive

Have you ever wondered that make the cloth into a phone case or make the wine cork into a phone case?

It does work! The Aramid and Aramidcore series phone case are the merge of Aramid Fiber and vacuum forming technology. The cases under such technique are so precise. The most important is, you can feel you are touching the wine cork with the Aramidcore cork series phone case. You can feel you are touching the bamboo or wood with the Aramidcore wood series phone case. All PITAKA's phone cases maintain the original sense of original materials. The more primitive, the better. That's Go Back to Nature which people particularly advocate nowadays.

healthy phone case

No. 8 Fashion & Stylish & Elegant

There are too many waste products created in today's society. It's not bad the idea to recycle them and make them into the unique phone case. That is PITAKA Aramid and Aramidcore phone cases. Take wine cork as an example, a phone case made with wine cork not only keeps the sense of touch for cork but also makes it the stylish phone case. It makes a big difference. You can be the focus among your friends and colleagues as you hold an extraordinary special as well as differently elegant phone case, you are in fashion. Meanwhile, Pitaka phone cases maintain the elegance of the original material, and it provides the natural soft touch, which brings you an unprecedented experience.

healthy phone case

No. 9 Durable

When you use the plastic case, silicon case, or even metal-made phone case, you may have such feeling that all these cases are easily broken or without good touching. If you accidentally fell down your iPhone, the phone screen and even the phone cases mentioned above can be smashed or crashed. However, Aramid phone case is the durable phone case which can keep the phone safe nicely. Aramid phone cases are hard to get broken and can last for a long time without breaking or getting weaker. Therefore, choose PITAKA Aramid phone case, you've already selected a reliable and correct way to preserve your phone.

No. 10 Fit Your Pocket Perfectaboutly

Pitaka phone cases with the features of slim and simple enable you to hold the phone cozily and naturally. And of course, it also fits your pocket suitably. You can easily take out or put in the phone with case from your pocket just by one hand, no need to pull the pocket with dragging or stretching. Thanks to the unique and special customized design, PITAKA phone cases can completely fit your pockets or bags. The first time you try it, you will know that's exactly the phone case you need!

fits pocket phone case

Generally, when you use Pitaka Aramid and Aramidcore phone cases, you can find more surprising points than what are described above. Try it, and you might be the one of millions who say "That's the best phone case I've ever used"!

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