MagEZ Digital Travel Kit Review: The Best Digital EDC Gear 2021

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit Review: The Best Digital EDC Gear 2021

Before the official launch of MagEZ Digital Travel Kit, we sent a few out to some of our friends and asked them to tell us what they thought.

The following reviews are from Zhang Ningyi and Jérôme, a freelancer and digital enthusiast:

The MagEZ Digital Travel Kit is My New EDC

I'm pleased to have the chance to experience the digital-version Dopp kit from PITAKA before its debut.

1. The Look & Material

PITAKA features the drawer-type packaging as usual - it's direct and straightforward.

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

The MagEZ Digital Travel Kit has a classic carbon fiber look, and it feels really smooth to the touch. Carbon fiber is a lightweight, highly-resistant material and gives products a cool, elegant look. It's a material used widely in everyday life, from sneakers to performance cars.

2. Design & Workmanship

I was impressed by PITAKA products' quality when I first bought an aramid phone case in 2018. The case fits my iPhone seamlessly, although honestly, it almost fits too "well" - I was once afraid that it may scratch the edges when I removed and installed the phone, but it never happened.

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

Not surprisingly, the craftsmanship of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit is superb. As far as I am concerned, it's even harder to process carbon fiber than aramid fiber. The travel kit has precise cut-outs and is beautifully polished. I can only imagine how strict quality control is at PITAKA.

There are three modules for a standard MagEZ Digital Travel Kit: the cover, the module for digital tools, and the RFID protected module for storing Chip or business cards.

Tech module in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

One of the things that PITAKA is known for is its magnetic system. I got to experience how excellent magnetic connectivity is through this digital Dopp kit. Each module contains a large magnet, working as the central axle, and two small magnets. When you flick open one module, those small magnets will make sure it still attaches to the other modules. You can clearly feel the magnetic connectivity, but you don't have to try hard to flick open or close the kit.

Three modules in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

Magnetic connectivity of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

The front cover has space to store one card, and the card layer can store two cards. Press the central or the inner side of the card, and push it slightly to slide out. It's that simple.

Magnetic card holder of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

If you need to store more than three cards, you may purchase extra card layers. What's more, you can even attach the MagEZ Card Sleeve to the travel kit.

The tech module has slots for up to 10 charging and data storage essentials. Each item is positioned carefully, not too loose to fall out, nor too tight to prevent removing an item. The SIM card ejector tool is filed down so that it won't cut your hand. You can easily tell the difference between this and the device in the iPhone 12 mini box.

SIM card ejector tool in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

You can use the ejector tool to take out SD card adapter from the side, or you may press the soft button, and the adapter will eject.

Tech module in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

The Type-C to C cable features a lock design, so when the cable connects with the adapter, you can hear the "click."

USB C adapter in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

All in all, you can see what PITAKA has been pursuing from this MagEZ Digital Travel Kit: distinct materials, incredible quality, and unique design. So many details in one tiny box.

3. What can it do?

I put one stripe card in the front cover, and when I need it, I flick open the cover, slide out the card to charge. The middle card layer holds my two commonly-used cards, and the tech module contains everything I need to charge my electronics (one Kindle, two phones) while I travel.

Previously, I would take all the charging necessities, including a power bank and a GaN power adapter.

All cables you need when travel

Now, I just need this compact kit. You don't need an extra cable, although I took another, as I want to fast-charge my Huawei and the one in the travel kit is a bit short for me. As a matter of fact, I can also use the cable in the travel kit and the adapter to get 18W fast charging.

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit from PITAKA

Whether it's USB-A or USB-C, what's inside the travel kit is enough for every possible occasion.

I won't elaborate on those common scenarios, but I want to share a few that are not so common:

-Use my Huawei to charge my iPhone

Use Huawei to charge iPhone from the cable in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

-Upgrade software of my Kindle or copy e-books

Upgrade software of my Kindle by using the cable from the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

-Read the memory card

Read the memory card from the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

-Make a unique (but unnecessary) cable

Make a unique cable from different adapters in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

The MagEZ Digital Travel Kit has officially become my EDC gear.

A Pleasant Surprise from PITAKA

I discovered PITAKA (meaning "container, granary, or basket" in Sanskrit) accidentally, and their product concept instantly attracted me. This is now my second time trying a PITAKA product.

As we all know, Apple introduced the new-version of MagSafe months ago, and it seems that Apple will make a new system based on "magnets." Since 2015, PITAKA has been developing a magnetic ecosystem which includes products made from aramid fiber.

Receiving the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit was a pleasant surprise.

The packaging has a similar carbon fiber look, and the PITAKA logo at the lower-left corner on the Dopp kit is quite noticeable.

MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

The moment I held the kit in my hand, I was amazed by how lightweight it is, and I couldn't help wondering: can it really hold so many tools?

As I flicked open the tech module, I started to calculate the number of possible combinations:

1. I can connect the Type-C to Type-C cable with one of the three adapters, Type-C to Type-A, Type-C to Lightning, or Type-C to Micro USB, to fulfill data transfer and charging for all my small electronics.

Tech module of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

2. I can use the ejector tool to switch SIM cards (no need to use my earring anymore).

SIM car ejector tool in the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

3. The 16GB USB flash drive may not seem of great use, but it's handy for transferring data when there's no internet.

4. Stick the ejector tool into the little hole on the side panel, and an SD memory card slot pops open. I can insert my GoPro's TF card into the memory card holder and then insert it into the built-in card reader to transfer data from my TF card to my laptop.

Micro SD card adapter of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

5. There are two slots to store a backup NANO SIM card and a TF card.

Tech module of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

6. The card layer has a slot for one or two credit cards and/or commuter cards.

Magnetic card layer of the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit

There are over ten combinations of usage; however, the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit's overall weight is less than 80 grams. It's slightly bigger than a standard credit card wallet and thicker than my iPhone.

Most importantly, it's sleek and warm to the touch, instead of metal-cold. According to the PITAKA website, the travel kit is crafted from premium carbon fiber.

Although the grip is different than that from my aramid phone case, both feel great.

The corners of each module are rounded and polished, so they're not sharp and won't cut your hands.

The grip, the connection between the adapters, and its appearance are all exceptional. Touch it and feel it with your hands. You'll agree with me.

(edited by Claire)

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