Color Your Summer with 10 Everyday Carry Items

everyday carry essentials for summer

The temperature is increasing, the beach gets more crowded everyday, and cicadas sing in the evening: Summer is almost upon us.

It’s that time of year when you dig out your comfortable sandals and hanker after ice cream.

Dressing for summer is important, but so is having the right everyday carry items! Making sure they reflect the summer, with light colours is essential for looking and staying cool in the sun.

Start the summer off properly with these 10 essential everyday carry items:

1. Backpack

Everyday Carry items are the important things you take with you in your pockets or in your bag to meet your everyday needs. Whether you’re just commuting to work or you’re a digital nomad, we carry multiple items for a day on the go. A backpack with plenty of space and pockets to hold our items is an indispensable EDC essential.

everyday carry backpack
From Huckberry

A backpack is probably our largest everyday carry item, so it should be lightweight with plenty of space to hold your EDC and also durable enough for outdoor activities. Having a backpack in a bold color not only helps you stand out from the crowd, but allows you to find your bag easily.

2. Multitool

EDC is all about utility and versatility, given that you carry it on a daily basis and use it in real life. The multitool best embodies the core philosophy of EDC: with scissors, knives, pliers and other cutting tools all packed into a pocket-sized toolbox, a multitool is easy to carry and can serve you in a multitude of ways.

everyday carry item multitool

From Leatherman

Make sure your multi-tool is both compact and lightweight as well as coordinated with your other EDC items.

3. Wallet

It's pretty difficult to step outside of your home without needing to pay for something, and while some countries like China are almost completely cashless, the majority of us still need to carry real hard cash. A wallet is a must-have everyday carry item and should not only keep your cards, cash, and ID secure, but it should also be stylish, slim and functional.

everyday carry item wallet carbon fiber wallet

The wallet you choose should be durable enough to protect your assets from damage and loss; as well as unique and eye-catching. As the world’s first modular magnetic wallet, the MagEZ Wallet UE holds your personal items, such as keys and sim cards, as well as cash and cards, but also allows you to flick open the wallet and remove a card with one hand. Crafted from carbon fiber, it is super strong and extremely lightweight, plus you can customize it with a name or a slogan, making it the perfect gift for fellow EDC fans!

4. Key Cover

Although many people still use key rings and chains to store and organize their keys, they’re often clunky.

everyday carry essential key cover

From bellroy

Storing your keys in a small leather key cover, organizes your keys while also keeping them safe. Placing your keys inside a cover also protects your other EDC from getting scratched.

5. Watch

Many people often remark that they feel ‘lost’ when they forget to wear a watch. We’re reliant on time tracking to be productive and live our lives to the fullest. With a smartwatch, we not only have the time but access to our phone without taking it from our bag or pocket.

everyday carry essential smartwatch apple watch

Take the Apple Watch as an example: it allows you to answer phone calls, send messages, listen to music and more. Best of all, it helps you live a healthier life by tracking your exercise and heart rate. With so many types of straps and colors to choose from, the Apple Watch could easily be coolest summer EDC.

6. Pen

everyday carry essential pen

Although many of us use our phones to write notes and reminders, having a pen is still a necessity. Use it to sign contracts, journal, or even doodling to find your creative muse. In addition, a well made EDC pen makes you look prepared and sophisticated when everyone around is glued to their phones. Choosing a long-lasting pen with replaceable cartridges allows you to use it for years.

7. Notebook

everyday carry essential notebook

A pen and a pocket notebook add a ton of utility to your EDC without adding too much bulk. Having a notebook handy is essential for brainstorming new ideas, journaling or just writing notes. For some, writing their thoughts down on paper helps retain information.

8. Sunglasses

everyday carry item sunglasses

Nothing beats a pair of stylish EDC sunglasses when it comes to protecting your eyes during the summer months. Others recognize you by your face at first glance, so glasses can be an important part of your identity. Use an online tool, such as the one from Sunglasshut to choose a pair that fits your face shape and personality. Sunglasses that offer UVA/UVB and glare protection are a must have everyday carry item.

9. Phone

Your phone is probably the last thing you use before going to bed and the first thing you grab in the morning. Smartphones nowadays are one of the most useful tools and connections to the rest of the world. With your phone, you can keep in touch with your friends and family, learn the latest news, and find your way around a new neighborhood. This small piece of hardware that fits in the palm of your hand, together with various software, has the versatility that other EDC items don’t.

Smartphone colors are often limited, particularly those from big brands. Your phone case is the best solution to protect your phone with your own style.

10. Power Bank

We‘ve seen the growing popularity of power banks in the EDC community. The reason is obvious: we need to continuously charge our phones as we so heavily rely on them. There is a bewildering choice of power banks out there, with different capacities, shapes and colors. More often than not, the bigger the power bank, the longer the charge. But if you look closer from an EDC perspective: why carry so much bulk with you when you will go home everyday to charge your phone?

everyday carry item wireless power bank portable phone charger

An EDC power bank should be sleek, lightweight, easy-to-charge and always ready to use. Despite its small capacity, the magnetic power bank MagEZ Juice is perfect to be carried around everyday. With an ergonomic design and magnetic functionality, it attaches seamlessly to your phone with the MagEZ Case and instantly charges your device. Most importantly, it’s the first magnetic power bank that you don’t need to charge. When you return home, just slide the power bank into the wireless charging stand to charge it and use it as a magnetic wireless charger on your desk or by your bed.

The Bottom Line

EDC is a lifestyle and if you care about the life you live, care about your everyday carry items. If you already have an EDC, update it for the summer. The cooler and more versatile your EDC essentials are, the easier your day will be.

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