MagEZ Power Bank (Limited Edition)

Charge your devices with this slim, lightweight power bank for smartphones and small electronic devices. The limited-release MagEZ Power Bank magnetically attaches to your iPhone 12 or any smartphone using a MagEZ Case* for convenient, hands-free charging. The magnetic power bank delivers up to 10 Watt charging speeds and can be attached to the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit and MagEZ Wallet.

Only 200 Made.

*Cannot magnetically attach to MagEZ Case for Galaxy S21U, S20U, Note20U, HUAWEI P40, or P40 Pro.

Requires a Type-C to C cable to charge Android or a Type-C to Lightning cable to charge iPhone (not included).



Magnetic Connectivity

MagEZ Power Bank (Limited Edition)

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Trip Ready

MagEZ Power Bank


A Magnetic Power Bank for
iPhone and Android Devices

Conveniently attach the portable power bank to your smartphone using a MagEZ Case or an iPhone 12 (with or without a case) while you charge.

MagEZ Case for iPhone 12
MagEZ Power Bank

iPhone 12 Series

Magnetically attaches to your iPhone 12 series device for a hands-free charging experience.

MagEZ Power Bank

MagEZ Case

Use a MagEZ Case with your smartphone to attach the MagEZ Power Bank.

*Not compatible with Galaxy S20U, Note20U, S21U, Huawei P40, or P40 Pro.

Requires a Type-C to C cable to charge Android or a Type-C to Lightning cable to charge iPhone (not included).

Compatible With MagSafe

Designed for iPhone 12 compatibility, the magnet array matches MagSafe for a strong and secure attachment even without a case.

MagEZ Power Bank

A Stylish Carbon Fiber Shell

Made from sleek, long-lasting carbon fiber, the power bank feels smooth to the touch and looks pleasing to the eye.

MagEZ Power Bank

Handy Battery Level Indicators

Never again carry a dead battery; with built-in LED indicators you can check the power bank’s recharging and charging status at a glance.

MagEZ Power Bank

Lightweight & Portable

A compact, ultra-light 5000mAh portable charger with a USB-C connector, that easily fits into any pocket or backpack.

MagEZ Power Bank

Pair With a MagEZ Wallet or Digital Travel Kit

Stack the magnetic power bank with your MagEZ Digital Travel Kit or MagEZ Wallet to keep your essentials together while you travel.

MagEZ Power Bank


Length: 4in (101.5mm) Width: 2.7in (67.5mm) Thickness: 0.47in (12mm)


5.64oz (160g)


Compatible with MagEZ Digital Travel Kit, MagEZ Wallet layers, including money clip, coin box, and card module. Attaches magnetically to MagEZ Cases, MagEZ Case Pro, and iPhone 12 (with or without a case). The MagEZ Power Bank module requires a Type-C cable for in and output. Cannot magnetically attach to MagEZ Case for Galaxy S20U, Note20U, S21U, HUAWEI P40, or P40 Pro.


Carbon fiber


Battery Capacity: 3.7V/5000mAh/18.5Wh Type-C Input DC 5V /1.5A Type-C Output DC 5V /2.0A - 10 Watts LED indicator lights show recharging and charging levels of the portable power bank


12 months warranty See our warranty page for more information.

Package Contents

1 x MagEZ Power Bank 1 x User Guide

Q1. Is the MagEZ Power Bank compatible with other MagEZ Wallets?

A1. Yes, the MagEZ Power Bank is compatible with MagEZ Wallet and all layers but is not compatible with MagEZ Wallet UE. It can also be attached to the MagEZ Digital Travel Kit.

Q2. What kind of power adapter can I use to charge the MagEZ Power Bank?

A2. Please use reliable power adapters of DC 5V to charge the power bank.

Q3. How often should I charge the power bank if I don't use it?

A3. To keep the power bank in good condition, please charge it at least every three months.

For more FAQs, please visit our FAQ Center .

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