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Thanks Giving 2019

MagEZ Case & In-Car
Wireless Charging Kit

There’s no wrong-gift here.
The MagEZ Case & In-car wireless charging kit is wrapped with delicate gift design, providing every man with more ease, convenience, safety for every journey.

Thanks Giving 2019

PITAKA Aramid Case Series

The Case Series are always what we are proud of - and we specially designed 3 versions for your different needs.

  • Air Case

    Air Case is the thinnest case we’ve built, with only 0.60mm profile. Perfect for the minimalist.

  • MagEZ Case

    MagEZ Case for PITAKA is like the iPhone for Apple. We recommend it to who care both basic protection and non-bulky design.

    *Compatible with All PITAKA MagEZ products.

  • MagEZ Case Pro

    MagEZ Case Pro stands for Pro Protection. Built with military-grade material and scientific design. Ideal for every adventurer.

    *Compatible with All PITAKA MagEZ products.

Carbon Fiber Wallet

Being as PITAKA classic design, the MagEZ Wallet is an absolutely unique creation. We recommend it to any man who lives in a simple life while stand out of ordinary. You can even customize it and we’ll make it unique for you.

Thanks Giving 2019

2-in-1 Wireless Charging
Power Bank Dock

A long-expected new MagEZ product that the whole PITAKA Team recommends to you. Not only a revolutionary power bank that you don't need to charge, but also a sleek & stylish wireless charging stand.

Thanks Giving 2019
Thanks Giving 2019

Exquisite Handwriting Postcard Upon Orders
over $99

We don’t know how much you appreciate someone but we can help with delivering your ‘thank-you’ to him.
Add a note, a Thanksgiving message, to your order. We’ll write it down on the postcard for you.

*The postcard is well designed & made from exquisite papers, only for special days.

Thanks Giving 2019