PITAKA Beta Program

We’re now taking applicants to beta test PITAKA’S upcoming MagEZ Juice Pro!

Please fill out the form below to have the opportunity to be a beta tester when the product is available. If you are selected, we will get in touch with more information and update you on the product development process.

Before you fill out the form below, please read the following instructions.

  1. Applying to the beta test program does not guarantee participation.
  2. We select beta testers based on our testing requirements and will do so in a fair manner.
  3. Once you receive the product, you need to test and fill in our beta test feedback form in as much detail as possible. We appreciate all feedback, as this will help us to improve the final product. Feedback forms will be sent to you in an email once the product is sent to you.
  4. Our warranty policy does not cover the testing sample.
  5. Failure to send us feedback will prevent product testing in the future. 


* Submitting the form below means that you agree and accept our conditions.