Happy New Year

A Special Thank-You for 2019
Enhance 2020 with the New

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Our Best Rookies of 2019

Born and popular in 2019. Perfect for those who love solid function
with aesthetically pleasing look. Purpose with luxury – the best of
both worlds for that ‘transit-free experience’.

Your Popular Classics for Years

Protectively portably stylish. History repeats itself. Ideal for those
who want convenience with carrying. That thin and protective style
starts from 0.60mm. Perfect for any traveler and minimalist.

  • Air Case

    Air Case
    for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

  • MagEZ Case

    MagEZ Case
    for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

  • MagEZ Case Pro

    MagEZ Case Pro
    for iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max

  • Air Pal Mini

    Air Pal Mini
    for AirPods 1&2

  • Air Pal

    Air Pal
    for AirPods 1&2

Other Good Stuff

An all-rounder in all areas that gets the job done.

Efficient and reliable, with your beloved aramid and zinc alloy.
Perfect wireless charging solutions for your home, office,
and on-the-go. So whatever your needs are, we got them.

New Year Starter Bundles

PITAKA means a whole ecosystem that can simplify your life.
Upgrade yours and your loved one's charging experience with
our limited holiday gift bundles. Spend less and enjoy more.

  • Air Essential

    MagEZ Case & In-Car
    Wireless Charging Kit

  • Air Pal Mini for AirPods Pro

    MagEZ Case & Versatile
    Magnetic Power Bank Kit