Why You Need A Magnetic Phone Mount for Cars

You should not stay up late because it's not good for your health. Don't text while walking. Don't use your phone while you drive. These warnings are heard everywhere, but many people don't really care, do they? Many use their phone in the car to navigate a route, check messages, take phones calls, etc...
I understand it's hard to resist the temptation. But the thing is, you might be putting yourself in danger if you ignore them.

Fortunately, humans are intelligent enough to invent things to reduce the risk, a car mount for a cell phone, for example, designed to hold your device in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving. So, the only question left to answer is: If the market is flooded with cheap and unreliable phone car mounts, which one should you buy?

What are the options when it comes to a car phone mount?

There are many car phone mounts on the market, but take a closer look and you will find that apart from wireless charging
functionality, there are two basic types available: those that clamp your
phone, and magnetic phone mount for car.

Which is better?

Car mounts that clamp your phone

Search Amazon and you will see lots of car phone mounts just like this.

They have either two or three arms that clamp the phone in your car, and the mounting base varies between a suction cup to an air vent clip or even a CD slot. Most of the time, these cell phone car mounts rely on the clamping forces to work or to be specific, they use various gears and
springs to clamp your phone and keep it safe mechanically.

Magnetic phone mounts for cars

This is another popular car mount for the phone on Amazon. Compared with the first type, this one has magnets inside, which replace the mechanical clamps. To use it, you need to stick a rectangular or round metal plate (or metal ring) on the back of your phone (or phone case).
This metal plate, which is attracted by the magnets in the mount, holds your phone securely in place.

And magnetic phone mounts for the car are a better option.

Why will magnetic phone mounts for cars dominate the market?

Mounting a smartphone in a car should be easy, sturdy, and adjustable. And that's what a magnetic phone mount for car offers. 

Easy to use

For the first type of car phone mount, you need to carefully install your phone from the top so that the springs work correctly to clamp your phone. You have to do that every time you use it. Then you have to manually prize off the clamps when you get off the car. And you
have to do that every time.

Doesn't it sound like too much hassle? If you ever try a magnetic phone mount for a car, you would change your mind.

You simply "toss" your phone on the car mount, and it will snap and be secure. And just hold and pull your phone off the mount when needed. It's so effortless and convenient.



More aesthetically pleasing

A magnetic phone mount for cars looks much cleaner and less clunky than those clamps.

As you can see, unlike the one with mechanical arms, which can block part of the phone screen, the magnetic mount offers you a perfect view, which is vital for safe driving. Also, it looks super clean and simple.

There’s no metal plate stuck on the back of your phone/case when you use the type 3 car mount, it just looks neat and uncluttered, whereas the type 2 one can totally ruin the look of your phone.

But not all magnetic phone mounts for cars work the same

To take advantage of the magic of magnets, you need to turn your phone into a magnetic piece (although there are magnets inside the phone, they are not strong enough) first.

How do you do that? The popular solution is to stick a metal strip to the back of your phone or phone case. If the metal strip is not removable, I guess nine out of ten people would refuse. It easily makes your beautiful phone or phone case ugly. But if it's removable, then it defies the significance of using magnetic phone mounts for cars. Repeatedly sticking and removing the thing from your phone or phone case is as annoying as managing those clamps.

Worse, the sticky piece might affect wireless charging. Yes, magnetic phone mounts for cars can hold and charge your phone wirelessly at the same time.

You might already have read about problems experienced by other users on the Internet. When you charge your phone wirelessly using a magnetic car mount, the sticker on the phone or phone case will interfere with the energy transfer and can cause your phone to heat up, as the sticker, usually metal, can reduce the electromagnetic fields used in wireless charging. You may click here if you want to learn more details.

What if you use a metal ring to secure your phone on a magnetic mount and enable your phone to charge wirelessly instead? Well, the location of the wireless charging aerials vary between phones and you never actually know if you are sticking the metal ring in the right place or not. Even if you stick it in the right place, you can't ensure that you put your phone in the right place on the car mount where the wireless charging works. So, wireless charging may be interrupted. 

Fortunately, PITAKA has the solution.

The best magnetic phone mount for cars

Firstly, the MagEZ Mount Qi automatically aligns itself perfectly using 10 x N52 embedded magnets to the MagEZ Case or MagEZ Case Pro with built-in metal plates. While metal is usually attracted to magnets, accurate positioning can be a problem, but this is not a problem with this car mount with ten magnets in place.

Magnets in the car mount not only ensure your phone is secure in any road conditions but guarantee safe and fast charging. They are designed to attach to the metals in the PITAKA aramid fiber cases. In that way, you can enjoy convenient and secure mounting and charging in the car.

Furthermore, you can protect your phone without ruining the beauty of the handset with the slim and stylish phone case. 


As you can see, your car dashboard is neat and organized. Your phone is not tied by either the cable or the annoying metal plate.

On top of that, the MagEZ Mount Qi enables you to rotate the viewing angle between portrait and landscape using its 360°rotational ball joint design.

MagEZ Mount Qi

Last but not least, it has three types of mounting bases, one for your car vent, one for a CD slot and a suction cup to fix it to the window. Basically, it fits every type of car.

In conclusion

Again, you really shouldn't use your phone whilst driving, but if you really have to, choose a quality cell phone car mount to reduce the risk of accidents.

A magnetic phone mount for car is the ideal choice since it has the security and simplicity of magnetic mounting and wireless charging working simultaneously. And the MagEZ Mount Qi is
highly recommended.



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