Tips That Can Save 90% Of Us From Low Battery Anxiety

Have you ever purchased a drink at a bar just to charge your phone with their wall outlets? Do you find yourself panicking when your battery drops below 20%?

The fear of having your phone die while you're away from a charger is actually a fairly common one. I'm sure most of us can think of a time when our phone died in the middle of the day, cutting you off from the rest of the world, the GPS system that so many of us depend on, and an infinite supply of cat memes.

Today, we're going to explore the research behind Low Battery Anxiety and give you the tools you need to overcome it.

What Is Low Battery Anxiety?

Low Battery Anxiety is a condition described by LG where a person experiences symptoms of anxiety when they're phone battery begins to die. According to the 2016 study, individuals exhibiting Low Battery Anxiety began to panic when their phone's battery reached a charge of 20% or lower.

low battery warning

These symptoms can even manifest while a battery is at a higher charge level, with individuals taking drastic measures to preserve their battery life throughout the day. Though it isn't technically an illness or disorder, LG found that nine out of ten participants showed signs of Low Battery Anxiety as defined by the study.

The signs of Low Battery Anxiety include asking a stranger to charge your phone for you, arguing with a romantic partner because of unanswered calls or texts, ordering something at a bar or restaurant just to use their wall outlets, taking someone's phone charger without their permission, and owning three or more smartphone charging cables.

How Low Battery Anxiety Affect Your Life

If you've experienced signs of Low Battery Anxiety regularly, there's a good chance you're one of the people suffering from this condition. You aren't alone - the study found that 90% of respondents struggled with Low Battery Anxiety, especially millennial participants.

One of the common issues found in those with Low Battery Anxiety was that it caused conflict within their relationships. Because of their fear of draining their phone batteries, they ignored calls and messages from their significant other. Other problems caused by Low Battery Anxiety include making unhealthy decisions, like skipping going to the gym to charge a smartphone.

How To Prevent Low Battery Anxiety

Thankfully, there are solutions for those dealing with Low Battery Anxiety. Though these solutions won't get rid of Low Battery Anxiety altogether, they can reduce the likelihood that your phone will die, which should alleviate some of the stress created by the condition.

Use A Phone With A High Battery Capacity

The best way to curb your Low Battery Anxiety is to use a phone with high battery capacity. The higher a phone's battery capacity is, the longer the battery will last on a daily basis. There are two ways to ensure your battery capacity is as high as possible.

compare phone battery capacity

The first is to purchase smartphones known for having reliable battery life. This includes the big three - iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Google Pixel - as well as budget phones like the Moto G7 Power. Purchasing one of these phones will set you up to have the most battery life possible, reducing stress in the long run.

Conserve Your Phone's Battery

Another important way to reduce your LBA is to conserve your phone's battery. This means using your phone in a way that gets the most out of your battery each day. Simple ways to conserve your phone's battery include keeping your screen brightness low and avoiding video content like YouTube and Netflix.

brightness affects phone power consumption

A great way to extend your daily battery life is to use WiFi whenever you can. Though most people don't realize it, 4G and LTE connections use significantly more battery life than WiFi connections. This is due to outdated cellular protocols that work your phone twice as hard to maintain a connection while connecting to WiFi is simple and direct.

WiFi vs 4G, different power consumption

Lastly, though they don't always have a huge impact, most smartphones have battery-saving features that you can take advantage of to extend your daily battery life. iOS recently got such a feature in iOS 13, which learns from your daily phone usage to automatically optimize your battery charging.

Have A Backup Battery

Last but not least, one of the surest ways to reduce your Low Battery Anxiety is to have a backup battery on hand at all times. If your phone battery cannot be removed like most of today’s smartphones, take a portable power bank with you as they're easy to keep up with and allow you to charge your phone without relying on a wall outlet.

wired power bank on the desk

The drawback of portable power banks, however, is that it's easy to forget to charge them, they're clunky, and they can take up a lot of space in your pockets and bags.

Get Rid Of Your Low Battery Anxiety With The MagEZ Juice

With the MagEZ Juice, we’ve created a low-battery solution that makes keeping your battery charged impossibly easy. Why it’s the perfect power bank to help you get rid of low battery anxiety?

First, the MagEZ Juice has 2000mAh capacity that provides 30% power to your phone. It’s not much but it’s enough to save your day when your phone’s battery is too low.

When you are suffering from Low Battery Anxiety, it’s usually when you are outdoors, without direct and quick access to wall outlets. So the backup power bank should be easy to carry around. The MagEZ Juice is just about half the size of your hand, fitting perfectly for light or heavy travel mode; and with ergonomic design, you can even hold it in hands effortlessly.

EDC power bank; backup battery

One headache you usually face with power banks is that you will forget to charge them after sitting in the drawer for weeks. The MagEZ Juice is a wireless dock-and-go charger that you won’t forget to charge. Unlike any regular power banks, it comes with a wireless charging stand that simultaneously charges the power bank and your phone. When you’re ready to leave the house, you just slide your phone out of the wireless charging stand, leaving the power bank attached to the back of your phone. The wireless dock-and-go charger is equipped with magnets inside, so it matches perfectly with phones with MagEZ Case.

We've upgraded the power bank with more capacity and reinvented the charging base to make it more versatile and playful. Launching soon on Kickstarter. Sign up now to get the super early bird discount.

transit-free wireless charger and power bank

Ready To Leave Low Battery Anxiety Behind?

If you're tired of Low Battery Anxiety controlling your life, it's time to make a change. Using these battery-preserving techniques and the wireless dock-and-dock charger will help you get the most out of your battery. You won't have to stress over your battery ever again.

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