Leaks: The World's Most Protective and Minimalist Phone Case is here - Are You Ready?

Do you prefer the “natural” feel of your phone’s metal and glass design? If you do, you probably can’t be bothered to put on a case it, right? The thing is, a case will protect your ‘exceptionally’ fragile phone from unexpected scratches or drops. So, how do you go about finding the best case, as there are so many types out there for you to choose from and so many of them look the same?

Ok, first things first, apart from how the case looks, most people really only need one of two types of case, a slim, sleek case for everyday usage or a more rugged case giving more protection when you are engaged in outdoor activities.

The PITAKA MagEZ Case is very much the first type I described above; it is sleek, ultra thin and gorgeous to look at. If you have not heard about this or seen it around, take a look at the review made by EverythingApplePro, which will give you a rough idea of what the “thinnest protective case” really means.

However, today we are going to talk about the second type of case I mentioned, the rugged case, which happens to be the new case in the PITAKA MagEZ Case line, called the MagEZ Case Pro.

1. What makes the MagEZ Case Pro stand out from the crowd?

Since the day of release, the MagEZ Case has received a lot of positive praise for its high-tech aramid fiber material, its ultra-thin and ultra-durable design, the embedded metal plates within making it compatible with magnetic car vent MagEZ Mount Qi and it’s full compatibility with the phone’s wireless charging functionality.

Apparently, it is the ideal choice if you prefer to have your phone look and feel like it doesn’t have a case fitted and still give it some basic level of protection. But, for those who are not so worried about the slim design and would prefer a greater degree of protection, there is another, brilliant option.

Please allow me to explain a little bit more.

Usually, when your phone falls onto a hard surface, the force of the impact transfers the energy of the shock directly into your phone. Clearly, this is unwanted energy and it can end up causing considerable damage to your phone, ultimately costing lots to fix. To stop this happening, you need to find a way to absorb this energy safely and effectively before it reaches your phone, and this is exactly what the PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro is designed to do.

Ok, so what features can you expect to find in this case?

1) Specially designed buffer airbags to absorb the shock

As you can see, the MagEZ Case Pro has a very different design ethos. Each external corner has a specific outward facing concave design, which has been engineered to absorb shocks. Also, if you look at the inner corners, the middle parts are protruding to ensure that the most vulnerable points on your phone, the corners, are perfectly protected.

Zoom in to see the details.

These four protruding corners are the first line of defense in controlling and absorbing the unwanted shocks the phone would experience if it were to be dropped to the ground.

Also, the inner airbag of airpocket sidebars zone of the case is the second line of defense and provides a drop-proof buffer structure for the phone.

Ok, so that covers two of the key aspects of the case, but you might be wondering, why use the term airbag to describe this feature?

Well, an airbag is designed to inflate and then deflate extremely rapidly during a collision or impact with a surface, so when a car accident occurs, the airbag works to protect you from being hurt. The inner edge of MagEZ Case Pro protects the phone from damage by counteracting the shock of a drop, which gives the case a double anti-shock design, which means that the corners are very protected.

But wait, there’s more. Similar to the airbag feature in each of the corners, the other surrounding inner edges also come with their own airbag feature too.

2) Soft rubber bumps along the inside act as buffers

You probably noticed this when you looked that the photos showing the airbag design of the case, but there are several rows of soft rubber bumps inside the case, which buffer any shock to your phone, oh and they look and feel a lot like the surface of a Yoga ball if you think about it, don’t you agree?

Similar to the Yoga balls, these small bumps on the case are also used to offset the force of the impact on the edge of your phone when it drops unexpectedly. If you have ever exercised in the gym with a Yoga ball, you will know that it is very flexible; no matter how you sit or even put all of your weight on it.

Still don’t get it? Here’s a GIF that will help you understand my point a little better.

3) Shock-resistant back helps with shock absorption

As I mentioned earlier, your phone will suffer damage from a fall if the impact of the fall can’t be absorbed properly. So the question is, does the surface of MagEZ Case Pro directly hit the ground when it is dropped?

Check out this picture first.

If you look closely, you will see that there are four soft protruding ribs on the back, and it is these ribs which absorb most of the impact in a typical fall even before the rest of the case design is required to protect the phone.

4) Anti-slippery hold provides an excellent grip.

Your phone can be damaged in many different ways, but have you ever considered what is one of the most common ways of damaging your phone? Simply put, it’s when the phone ‘magically’ jumps out of your hand and lands on the floor! Well, perhaps not magically, but because the design of a phone is normally very smooth, it means that they can be slippery to hold, which makes them very easy to drop.

Imagine stepping out of your car with sweaty hands, and you want to make a call with your phone; Unfortunately, the combination of sweaty hand and slippery phone body means that the phone takes an unexpected trip to the ground.

Hopefully, this will never happen to you, but you will probably now understand why the MagEZ Case Pro was designed with anti-slip edges, soft TPU material and a special design around the external edge, which makes it both comfortable to hold and protective for the phone.

5) Five layers of protection & defense support the whole design

There is one other point I wanted to touch on.

You can have the most inventive and clever design out there, but if you have not utilized the correct materials, the shock absorption will not work properly, so what have PITAKA used?

Fundamentally, the MagEZ Case Pro has five specific layers with very specific characteristics of materials. The surface of the case back is made from three layers of Aramid fiber, which is exactly what the slimmer, MagEZ Case is made from, and this is durable and acts as the first layer of shock absorption. The middle layer is made from special shock-absorbing foam, which acts to cushion in the event of a fall, and the 3rd, interior layer is made from microfiber cloth to both protect the phone from scratches as well as provide another layer of shock absorption.

So, now that we have covered the clever design and looked at why multiple materials have been used, just how well does this case protect your phone?

2. The Long awaited Drop Testing of MagEZ Case Pro

I know, you guys love to see real tests and real-world reviews. According to the feedback we received on the MagEZ Case, a drop test is something that people are very eager to see. So, to prove the MagEZ Case Pro’s ability to protect the phone in the event of a fall, I’m going to show you an eye-catching video of real life drops of the MagEZ Case Pro, don’t blink!

Isn’t it amazing? Regardless of how the phone was dropped, the phone survives each time without a scratch.


In conclusion

OK, there are many ‘rugged’ cases on the market, many of which claim to be clever in their design, but quite often they do not handle shock absorption properly.

You might find one that does provide good protection, but it probably doesn’t look very good, so there is a compromise between the ability to protect and the ability to look good.

Alternatively, I say don’t bother spending a lot of time looking at cases that almost all look the same?

There are only two kinds of case in the world, slim or rugged, in another word, MagEZ Case or MagEZ Case Pro.

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