Charging Multiple Apple Devices Is A Mess. How To Fix It?

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Apple keeps upgrading its devices. Take the iPhone for example. The first-generation iPhone, launched in 2007 was a technical revelation, especially if you compared it to the competition around at that time. Even so, what you could do with it was limited, no App Store, no wallpapers, only basic apps, you couldn’t send a picture over text and the camera was very basic. But just look at what the iPhone 11 is like now! Multiple color options, ultra-wide camera, sharp 4K video, etc. A dramatic evolution from the 1st generation, and what a change it is!

But it’s not just the phone that has been evolving, the way we charge has changed too. From the larger 5V charger to wireless charging and fast charging, Apple has been exploring the best way to charge their devices. As technology continues to improve, the way we charge is getting better and better, and there’s no doubt that it’s now far more convenient. But the big question is, could it be even better? What does the future charging solution look like? What could be the next big thing in Apple’s wireless charging solution? Well, let’s take a look at the various ways that you can charge your Apple devices.

1. The History of Charging Apple Devices

-iPhone: a big leap from 5W to 18W charging

The first iPhone charger, M8168 had a similar size and look to the 10W/12W charger for the iPad, providing 5W power. Since then, all iPhone chargers, including the A1300, A1400 and A1443, are rated to 5V/1A output. But the charging port has evolved from the big 30-pin interface to the lightning interface.

first iPhone, 30-pin interface

At the start, just like any other phone, the battery capacity of the iPhone was very small. By the time Apple released iPhone 6 plus, the phone battery capacity had doubled. Meanwhile Android had developed QC 2.0 and 18W fast charging. Apple realized the 5W power output was far from enough and with the release of the iPhone 6S plus, charging power was increased to 8-9W, which is about 50% faster than 5W. However, not all chargers can operate at that rating. Only chargers that support Apple’s 2.1A (5V/2.1A) or 2.4A (5V/2.4V) charging protocol can provide fast charging.

Two years ago, the USB PD (Power Delivery) fast charging standard was created by Apple to be used in all its devices. With 18W or higher USB PD fast charging, it just takes 30 minutes to add 50% juice to your iPhone, such as the iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS MAX and the new iPhone 11. Along with USB PD fast charging, in 2017 the Apple wireless charging solution was introduced – Qi 5W/7.5W wireless charging. And now there are lots of different wireless chargers for iPhones out there.

It’s therefore not hard to conclude that Apple is gently leading each and every Apple user to a world where the technology is free from the mess of cables.

-iPad: 5W small charger is out, 12W big charger is in

There are two ways to charge an iPad, use a USB power adapter to connect the iPad to a 110V wall outlet or connect it to a USB interface on a computer via a USB cable, although this way is much slower. So undoubtedly, charging with a USB power adapter is preferential.

The USB charger for the 1st version of the iPad was a 5V/2.1A, the same as the iPhone. Right now, there are two types of power adapters for newer models, the 10W/2.1A and the 12W/2.4A. This is a big leap since the iPhone, iPod Touch and other alternative USB power adapters are rated at 5V/1A. The upgraded chargers charge the iPad much faster than before.

Just as the USB charger has been upgraded over time, so has the connector with the old 30-pin dock connector being replaced with the more advanced lightning connector.

-AirPods: the new wireless charging case makes charging AirPods more convenient than ever before

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The biggest difference between charging AirPods and the iPhone or iPad is that we charge AirPods in their case, no cable or adapter is required. Simply put them in their case and place them on a wireless charging pad. A fully charged case provides AirPods with more than 24 hours of listening time or up to 11 (1st generation)/18 (2nd generation) hours of talk time.

The case is the charger for AirPods, and as the case contains a battery it too needs charging. In the beginning, Apple only produced a normal case that supported wired charging – plug the lightning cable into the case, then plug the other end into a USB charger or computer USB port.

Early this year, Apple released the second generation of AirPods, along with a wireless charging case, which enables you to charge the case on a Qi-certified wireless charging mat, with or without the AirPods inside.

-Apple Watch: USB-C charging cable for Apple Watch is created to match with modern MacBook

Similar to AirPods, you don’t plug a cable into the Apple Watch to charge it, in fact, there isn’t a port on it due to its size. You simply put the watch onto the Apple Watch Magnetic Charger and connect the charger to the wall outlet via the USB cable.

You may have noticed that the more recent MacBook or iPad models are equipped with a USB Type C port, instead of the normal Type A port used in older models. Apple thought that you might occasionally need to charge up your Apple Watch on a modern MacBook, so they released a new charging cable using the USB-C connection, yet another way to charge your Apple Watch.

The new cable doesn’t juice up your watch any faster since the charger stays the same. But think about when there are no more wall outlets left, and you are about to plug the cable into the computer port, but realize the Type A connector is no longer there on your MacBook. Normal charging is better than not charging at all.

So, we can conclude that Apple has made charging easier, step by step, and that wireless and fast charging will lead the trend of charging Apple devices in the future. But is the current way of charging the best?

2. What Challenges Might You Face When Charging Multiple Apple Devices?

Although wireless charging brings many benefits, a headache can still exist amongst Apple fans, especially when they charge multiple devices. Apple was acutely aware of this situation and tried to solve the problem with the AirPower, a multi-device wireless charger, but unfortunately it never actually got off the ground.

-Messy Cables, Less Outlets

messy charging cables

Generally speaking, Apple users own 2-4 devices on average. Each device has its charger and cable. If you want to charge your iPhone 8 and your Apple Watch, you plug both power adapters into a power strip where 3 other chargers are already plugged it and you probably feel frustrated about the tangled cables. Worse still, when there are not enough wall outlets for your devices, you then have to wait for the other devices to finished charging.

-Unreliable Third-Party Chargers

As wireless charging gains momentum, companies have started to manufacture a variety of wireless charging docks, claiming that they are compatible with Apple devices, but how do you trust them if they are not Apple or MFi certified? Yes, they can charge your Apple devices but they don’t feel safe and indeed might not be safe.

-Few Multi-Device Wireless Charger

multi-device wireless charger

Wireless chargers for single or dual devices account for a large share of the market, but demand for multi-device wireless chargers is growing and it’s difficult to find a wireless charging station for 3 or more devices. There are a few wireless chargers that can power up to 4 devices if you count two iPhones as two different devices, although those are not truly 4-in-1 wireless chargers.

3. Introducing the Ideal Charging Solution for Apple Fans —the Air Omni

The Air Omni is a powerful and premium 6-in-1 wireless charging station, the perfect charging solution for Apple fans everywhere. Incorrectly charging the batteries in your Apple devices may damage or even destroy them, so it is important to charge safely. This is why we design our wireless chargers very carefully; we ensure that they are made from MFi certified components, which means that you can charge safely, the same as your original Apple charger.

Charging Up to 6 Devices at the Same Time

Are you still looking for extra wall outlets in your house when you want to charge your phone and iPad? A situation that all multi-device users might experience, particularly Apple users. But things are changing, things are starting to improve now.

With the Air Omni, you can power up your iPhone, your iPad, your Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously. It can even charge the Apple TV remote. It is also compatible with other Qi-certified devices such as Samsung Note 10. One wireless charger for all Apple devices, the perfect way to save yourself from the mess of cables.

Position-Free Charging

Have you ever experienced that frustrating moment where you go to pick up your phone from the wireless charging pad only to find that it hasn’t actually charged at all? Most wireless chargers, especially those designed for a single device, only have one coil built-in, so the area for charging is limited. You have to put your phone in exactly the right place or it doesn’t charge properly.

The Air Omni is here to make your charging life much easier, much simpler. The specifically designed internal tri-coils ensure position-free charging, so there is no need to worry about finding that sweet spot. You can put your phone anywhere. Charging has never been easier or faster.

Charge Your Apple Watch Any Way You Like

If you have a flat charging pad, you have to undo the loop band so that you can put your watch on the pad. If you have the steel bracelet you can’t put it on a flat charging pad without removing the bracelet altogether, now that is annoying and perhaps one of the reasons why the AirPower failed?

The answer, why not create a standing watch charger that can charge a watch with any strap fitted? That’s exactly what the Air Omni does. Just a simple push and the watch charger will automatically flip-up, which allows you to charge your watch vertically. Moreover, the Apple certified watch charger guarantees you safe, reliable charging.

Convertible USB-C & Lightning Connector

Air Omni features a Lightning and USB-C connection port that easily changes types depending on which iPad you want to charge - Pro or standard. This 6-in-1 charging station has both connections available in a discreet, quick-swap design. At any time when you need a different connector, just press the bottom button to switch it in a second. Then flip up the panel, and connect your phone, iPad or any other devices to charge. No swap of chargers or cables. Just push, plug and play. And it supports 18W fast charging.

Less Charging Time

Do you ever panic when you are about to leave the house and your phone has only got a 20% charge left? We don’t want to waste time waiting for a charge but sometimes it’s inevitable.

Never fear, it’s the era of fast charging, waiting is kept to a minimum. See what fast charging can bring you. The Air Omni supports both 7.5W and 10W fast charging, as well as 18W fast charging when your phone/iPad is connected to the convertable terminal, which will charge your phone to 50% within 30 minutes.

Time is valuable, save yours for something more important.

Exotic and Elegant

I’m guessing that your desk is full of beautiful decorations. Imagine you put a lousy wireless charging dock on it, what a blot on the landscape!

Made from 100% genuine aramid fiber and zinc alloy, the Air Omni has an exotic look and feel to it. With such a premium quality wireless charging station on your desk, it will help to make things look organized and fashionable.

In Conclusion

Now that we have gone through the history of the various charging ways for Apple devices, you’ve probably realized the importance of wireless charging and fast charging, and more importantly, you have now found a new charging solution for all your Apple devices.

If you are multi-device users, particularly an Apple fan with multiple devices, don’t miss out on this multi-device wireless charging station! Not only will your desk love you for having something so exotic and premium on it, but your life will be more organized, it saves your time as well as your money.

What you are purchasing is not just any wireless charger, it’s a game changer.

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