The Growing Trend for Magnetic Products: Are There Any Risks?

Magnets have recently made headlines, with the much-talked-about iPhone 12, which allegedly features a circular arrangement of magnets embedded into the chassis. Judging by the leaked photos, based on their location and size, we might assume that Apple is making the new addition to their family, magnetic.

magnetic iPhone 12

These days, almost all mobile devices have magnets inside them, although this doesn't make them 'magnetic.' However, we've seen an emergence of electronic products on the market, such as the Apple iPad Pro 2020, specifically designed to have magnetic functionality.

Why Have Magnets Become Trendy? And Are They Bad for Our Devices?

Magnets have long existed in electronic consumer goods, from computers to washing machines.

Magnets are Essential

Magnets can make electricity, store data, and attract metals, so we use them in many fields where receivers, speakers, motors, and electricity are needed.

Take our smartphones as an example. There can be up to 14 tiny neodymium magnets inside a smartphone. These magnets are invisible to us, quietly working behind the scenes, so small you can barely spot them even with the phone open. However, you can't talk over the phone without them, hear a ring tone, or set your phone to vibrate mode.

magnets in smartphones

Even with all those magnets, we don't consider a regular mobile phone to be a magnetic device.

Magnetic Devices Can Make Life Easier

Magnetic devices usually feature magnets of considerable size, allowing you to attach items, such as iron, nickel, or other magnetic metals to it.

Let's look at an example.

PITAKA magnetic wireless car charger

Before the magnetic car mount, phone holders were either simple plastic cradles that offered zero stability, spring-loaded trouble-makers, or bendy claws. While you might argue, these did work well enough; the magnetic car phone mount has certainly simplified going hands-free while driving.

Are There Any Risks from Using Magnetic Products?

Keep magnets away from your computer. Keep magnets away from your phone. We're pretty familiar with these warnings from experts or manufacturers, including Apple.

Magnets can Damage Your Old Equipment.

magnets affect old-fashioned hard drive disks

Many of you probably remember the 'magic' of placing magnets close to a Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) TV. That was fun for us, but magnets were damaging all kinds of electronics back in the day, including floppy disks and hard drives.

Magnets Won't Easily Damage Your Electronics Now.

magnets won't affect USB flash drive

Today, hard disks, computers, and many other things do not use magnetism to store data. Most things work using electrical signals, which is more convenient and safe.

How About Speakers That Rely on Magnets?

There's nothing to worry about either. Household magnets tend to be small and weak, and it would take much larger magnets to pose any damage to your devices.

What's the Future of Magnetic Products?

Magnetic products are not something new, but we're seeing them more frequently. Even Apple is playing a significant role in the development of a magnetic world.

Magnets in Apple’s Designs

Magnets allow Apple to create products without using mechanical components, helping them develop clean and intelligent products.

magnetic Magic Keyboard

The most recent product from which we can see how Apple implements magnets is the iPad Pro 2020 and Magic Keyboard. Over 90 magnets are embedded inside the newest Apple tablet, enabling it to attach to the keyboard magnetically. Without positioning, it auto-aligns, allowing it to float at the right angle. Another great example is the iPad smart cover. Magnets in the case influence the magnetic sensor in the iPad, waking it up when the case opens and sending it to sleep when it closes. This is a deceptively simple, yet smart way to protect your device while saving your time.

magnetic iPad smart cover

Magnets are also found in the Apple Watch Charging Dock, MagSafe, and Apple Pencil. Although it's still speculation at this point, the iPhone 12 may be one of the first smartphones to contain so many magnets, suggesting Apple is developing a new magnetic system.

Apple is not the only company to use magnets to innovate.

PITAKA’s Magnetic System

PITAKA is a pioneer in utilizing high-tech materials in conjunction with intelligent design. Of all the materials used within PITAKA's designs, magnets are an indispensable component. From phone charging to home organization, the PITAKA system has covered many aspects of daily life.

Magnetic Charging System

MagEZ Case and MagEZ Case Pro are both equipped with metal strips that are specifically placed to work alongside your mobile's wireless charging function. With these cases, your phone can attach easily to the MagEZ series magnetic wireless chargers for an uninterrupted charging experience.

PITAKA magnetic wireless chargers

All three magnetic wireless chargers are designed to work flawlessly with the MagEZ series cases. The MagEZ Mount Qi is our unique magnetic car mount charger that provides fast, stable wireless charging. The MagEZ Juice is a magnetic wireless charger and wireless charging power bank combined that allows you to use at home, in the office, or out or about. The MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop is the wireless magnetic desktop charger with an adjustable 360° mount, providing the best viewing angle while you work.

Magnetic Carry System

Magnets are not just great for charging but also for everyday carry.

PITAKA magnetic Magic Keyboard compatible iPad Pro case

The MagEZ Wallet is a customizable carbon fiber wallet with magnetic functionality. Each layer fits together magnetically and can slide open to gain access to cards and cash quickly. Through the use of magnets, PITAKA was able to design the 100% Magic Keyboard compatible iPad Pro case and MagEZ Digital Travel Kit.

Magnetic is the Way To Go

The distinctive property of magnets makes them a universal part of almost every electronic device, and there are many creative and useful gadgets to choose from.

PITAKA is a brand that designs unique products that incorporate many innovative uses of magnets. If you want to use and charge your phone while driving, on-the-go, anywhere, anytime, the PITAKA magnetic charging system is a perfect choice.

Say goodbye to stress and say hello to the ease and security of an ecosystem that you will not want to let go of. The PITAKA magnetic charging system is truly "magnetic."

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