Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13: Which is the Best Flagship Smartphone?

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs. iPhone 13

Samsung finally unveiled its S22 lineup last week. While some people consider upgrading from an old Galaxy S model, some are comparing the newest Samsung flagship mobile phone with Apple’s.

As the world’s top two largest smartphone companies, Samsung and Apple produce the most advanced and popular smartphones. This is why people put them side by side and compare every part of them.

We’ve looked into the specifications and features of the S22 and iPhone 13 lineup to help you decide which is the best flagship, or just in case you’re curious.


The Cupertino high-tech giant offers one of the smallest fully-functioning smartphones, 5.4’’ iPhone 13 mini despite the fact that the iPhone 12 mini was poorly sold. Its competitor, on the other hand, offers three phone models with the largest S22 Ultra at 6.8’’, slightly bigger than the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Samsung not only believes that it’s the era of big screens but color plays an important role in consumer decision when it comes to purchase. All the S22 models are available in four different color options; in addition, they offer three to four other exclusive colors if you purchase via the Samsung online store. Someone might choose a red S22 Ultra over an iPhone 13 Pro Max because of the color, who knows.

The Galaxy S22 models feature a Gorilla Glass Victus+ display and back, as well as an aluminum frame. Similarly, the iPhone 13 models have Apple’s Ceramic Shield glass on the front and back. The Pro models have stainless steel frames instead of aluminum frames, and both materials are durable and corrosion-resistant.

Generally speaking, these two flagship models are not radically different if we ignore the bezel on the front.


It’s no secret that Apple doesn’t have an edge when it comes to battery capacity. In fact, the newest Galaxy S series does not have a larger battery capacity than their predecessors, but they still outnumber the iPhone 13 models. The Galaxy S22 comes with a 3700mAh battery, the S22 Ultra 4500mAh, while the iPhone 13 features a 3227mAh battery and the iPhone 13 Pro Max 4352mAh. That said, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the S22 battery lasts longer, as battery capacity is not the only factor affecting battery life.

Both Apple and Samsung use some of the most advanced processors. For people like me, who are not mobile games fans, it’s hard to tell the difference between the A15 Bionic and Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. But Apple’s latest custom processor takes the top spot of most technical review lists out there.

In terms of storage, the Galaxy S22 and S22+ come in 128GB and 256GB. The ultra model comes with more options, from 128GB to 1TB. The iPhone 13 models, however, offer 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB of storage, and those two Pro models come in 1TB storage too.


The camera has really become a thing on phone design in recent years. We see how companies are going all out to upgrade the camera on every new model they release. Today, we will not talk about MP, aperture, fps, and etc. Instead, let’s just look at the photos, shall we?

(from The Tech Chap)

Maybe one has a slight edge over the other? Well, they both look amazing to me.


If you have to pick one feature that’s missing on iPhone, what would it be? I would say Touch ID. It’s great to hear that Face ID with a mask is coming on the next update to iPhone, but Touch ID is still welcomed. Galaxy S22 Series have both.

A 120Hz display is also missing on Apple’s phones until last year, and it’s only available on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max by far. A higher refresh rate makes scrolling your phone smoother, thus enhancing your smartphone experience. All three S22 models feature a 120Hz display.


The Galaxy S22+ and S22 Ultra support up to 45W wired charging and the entry-level model can handle 25W. The iPhone 13 Pro Max tops out at 27W and the other three models support about 20W. The charging speed varies from models, but to enjoy fast charging, you need to buy a compatible power adapter no matter which brand you choose.

On the other hand, all the S22 and iPhone 13 models support 15W wireless charging, except the iPhone 13 mini, which max out at 12W. To charge the S22, any Qi wireless charger of 15W or above will do; but to charge the iPhone 13, only the official or certified third-party MagSafe chargers offer wireless charging up to 15W.

Unique to Themselves

The S Pen is Samsung’s signature, and for the first time, they include a built-in stylus on the S series phone, S22 Ultra. The accessory allows you to take notes of anything you’re viewing on your screen and can do much more. That said, the stylus could be unnecessary for people who don’t intend to use handwritten notes or draw sketches.

And iPhone 13 series has MagSafe to itself. The magnet array embedded in the phone has unlocked so many possibilities for mobile phone experience. Apple has accordingly launched a great deal of accessories such as MagSafe Wallet, MagSafe Charger, and MagSafe Battery Pack. Auto-alignment is made possible, thus charging your iPhone 13 becomes so much more convenient and efficient. Even carrying your wallet is snap-and-go. Many people could actually use MagSafe technology and enjoy the convenience it brings. Way to go, Apple!

If you want to grab an S22 and also experience MagSafe, luckily, we’ve found a solution – use with a MagEZ Case 2 for Galaxy S22 Series, the first Samsung case with MagSafe compatibility. We include the MagSafe magnet array inside the aramid fiber case and still managed to keep it slim. With this case, you can snap your S22 on Apple’s MagSafe accessories and PITAKA’s MagSafe accessories to enjoy easy attachment and wireless charging.

To summarize, from what we’ve compared so far, the Galaxy S22 is pretty evenly matched with the iPhone 13. Without any doubt, we can find more differences between them. But they are literally one of the best phones you can get. So, which is the best flagship in your opinion?

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