James Bond Style: What Should The Bond-Worthy EDC Look Like?

James Bond is easily one of the most enduring characters of all time, alongside other greats like Superman and Sherlock Holmes. What separates James Bond from his legendary peers, however, is his sense of style. Many who watch a 007 movie either want to be as stylish as the legendary spy or admire him for his crisp suits and fast cars. Which begs the question, what would James Bond’s EDC look like if he was an average person?

What is James Bond-Style?

007 is known for tactical, but classic looking gadgets. He never sacrifices function or form, which is something anyone can aspire to. From the classic tuxedo worn in the first Bond movie to the more practical outfits of the recent Daniel Craig films, the James Bond character has set the standard for classy attire.

For decades, Bond’s style has been analyzed in books, guides, and magazines but many aspects of his look come down to just a few qualities:

James Bond characteristics
      1. Minimalist

        James Bond is all about having as few things on his person as possible. This is why so many of his gadgets are multi-purpose and specific to the mission at hand.

      2. Utilitarian

        Although style is important, Bond never sacrifices function for looks. Everything he wears has a specific purpose.

      3. Classy

        In all of James Bond’s incarnations, you’ll almost always see him wearing a suit. Whether he’s saving the world or going to dinner, he’s always wearing his finest.

      4. Clean

        007 isn’t just minimal when it comes to his gadgets; his outfits always manage to be elegant without being overstated. The less flashy, the better.

James Bond’s EDC

We’ve established Bond’s style, so it’s time to take a look at the kinds of gadgets and devices James Bond would carry on his person on a daily basis. Below are eight items that the world’s favorite secret agent would most likely use as part of his everyday carry items.

A Pen

While most of us don’t carry a pen around anymore, it’s a staple of the James Bond style. The agent’s most famous use of a pen is as an explosive device that is armed after a series of clicks, though he’s also made use of pen-guns in books, video and board games.

Of course, an explosive pen isn’t going to be much use to the average reader; even Daniel Craig’s Bond has moved on from incendiary writing utensils. But that doesn’t mean you should write off carrying a pen entirely. Aside from being incredibly useful for taking down ideas, they’re also great for journaling, and of course, signing your name.

The pen James Bond used in his explosive endeavors was the Parker Jotter pen. Though stylish, this pen doesn’t have the same utilitarian appeal without the explosives. We think that in today’s world, it’s much more likely that Bond would carry a Fisher Space Pen.

A pen of James Bond style fisher space pen

These pens were designed to be used by astronauts, and can write at any angle (even upside down), underwater, through grease, on any surface, and in extreme temperatures. It also lasts three times as long as the average pen, and the design is similar to the original Parker pen.

A Knife

The knife is one of the fundamental human tools; it’s a weapon, eating utensil, crafting tool, shears, and a stylish accessory all in one. As such, there’s no doubt that Agent 007 would keep one in his suit at all times.

 Knife used in the James Bond movie

007: Casino Royale

There are a few knives that Bond might decide to use as one of his everyday carry essentials. A classic pocket knife is certainly an option, but it doesn’t scream “Secret Agent” either. The Swiss Army Knife is more tactical, but anyone who’s owned a Swiss Army Knife knows that most of the tools, including the knife, aren’t that useful.

A foldable knife of James Bond style

We think James Bond would most likely go with a simple, stealthy military-grade foldable knife. It could be used as a weapon but is more useful as a tool. These knife blades tend to be smaller, sharper, and easier to handle than standard pocket knives.

A Wallet

No gentleman is complete without a wallet. It’s a simple, yet essential item and there’s no doubt that Bond had one on his person to hold all of his fake ID’s and cards.

Back in the day, James Bond may have carried a simple leather wallet, nondescript, so as not to draw too much attention to it. In the 21st century, however, our wallets have become much more tactical and minimal, so a more sophisticated, practical option wouldn’t look out of place in Bond’s EDC.

A wallet of James Bond style carbon fiber magnetic wallet

In our opinion, 007 would most likely opt for a MagEZ Wallet. These wallets are simple, durable, and ultra-thin. You can choose exactly how many layers it has, so it never takes up more space than it needs to. It blocks RFID as well, so you and your data are kept safe. Plus, its Aramid fiber design goes great with the rest of James Bond’s EDC.

A Watch

Of all James Bond’s EDC items, this is probably the most contestable. Would James Bond wear a classic analog watch, or would he opt for a smarter Apple Watch?

The obvious benefit of wearing an Apple Watch is all of the extra functionality. Bond would be able to navigate a strange city, make calls, and track his steps during his missions. However, he’d also have to worry about getting notifications at inopportune times, keeping it charged, and the risk of it getting hacked.

A classic James Bond Watch

James Bond watch - OMEGA

For these reasons, we can assume that Bond would stick to a more classic watch. Though less multipurpose, it not only fits 007’s needs but it’s a lot cooler to picture James Bond wearing a classy Rolex than an Apple Watch with a sports band. He’d probably go for something made of high-quality leather, with an intricately designed watch face.


Sunglasses are an iconic part of James Bond’s outfit. In 2020, we might expect the spy to wear glasses with some sort of heads-up display. However, there currently aren’t any HUD-enabled shades that are up to Bond’s standards, so we’re sticking with traditional sunnies.

 A pair of sunglasses of James Bond Style

Daniel Craig in James Bond movie

Durability and sun protection are the most important factors for most people when buying high-quality sunglasses. With all of the sticky situations Bond finds himself in, he definitely needs a pair designed to be indestructible. To protect against the sun, we think James Bond would choose a pair that transition between light and dark. This way, he’d always have optimum vision.

A USB Flash Drive

You can use a flash drive to download files, boot into an operating system, store sensitive information, or even disrupt an enemy’s computer.

USB flash drive a James Bond everyday carry item

The big challenge Bond would face with a flash drive is a lack of compatibility. As different computers use USB A and USB C, 007 would probably opt for a flash drive that features both connectors, like the Kingston MicroDuo flash drive. It’s super small, so it would be difficult for others to find it on his person; it comes with plenty of storage - 128GB worth; and it’s designed to be carried in your pocket, so you never have to worry about it getting damaged.

A Flashlight

Like a pocket knife, flashlights are something that EDC enthusiasts obsess over. They’re excellent for seeing in the dark, obviously, and most tactical flashlights can also double up as a tool or weapon.

 Flashlight a James Bond everyday carry essential

When choosing a flashlight for James Bond-style EDC, it must be small, reliable, bright (at least 100 lumens), and multipurpose. After doing some research, we feel a flashlight that’s rechargeable would work best, that’s no bigger than the palm and can reach over 300 lumens. It would also need a pretty minimal beam spread, as it could inadvertently give your position away. Of course, it also has to be black.

A Smartphone

Smartphone James Bond style EDC items

Last but not least, we wanted to figure out which smartphone James Bond would use. A smartphone has several of the same requirements as other James Bond-style EDC items: it should be compact, sleek, discreet, secure, and durable. It needs to be able to withstand the elements, protect against data breaches, and remain inconspicuous at all times.

For these reasons, we think James Bond would choose an iPhone 11 (or later) Pro. The small size of the iPhone 11 Pro offers enough power without taking up any extra space.

Besides, iPhones are known for being fairly durable, especially when it comes to their waterproofing. However, the iPhone’s glass screen and back are not quite strong enough, especially when jumping from helicopters or getting into regular punch ups.

James Bond style phone case military-grade bulletproof phone case

To protect a James Bond-style smartphone, a MagEZ Case is essential. The MagEZ Case is made from Aramid fiber, the same material used in bulletproof vests, race cars, and space shuttles, all of which are right up James Bond’s alley.

Also, the MagEZ Case offers magnetic functionality allowing a phone to easily be mounted on a wireless charger, attach a portable battery to the back of your phone. Finally, if you upgrade to the MagEZ Case Pro, you never have to worry about damaging your phone. It’s the best choice for EDC.


Though we’ll never know for sure what the tuxedo-clad spy would consider everyday carry essentials, we feel this list is a pretty good guess at what Bond might keep in his pockets in 2020. We hope this has given you plenty of ideas for achieving your own James Bond style. Just don’t wait too long to pick up these items - after all, you only live twice.

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