How does a big tech guy like Tim Cook select a wireless charger?

Tim Cook minimalist charger

Or how about this one:

“How does a tech guy drink coffee?”
“He installs Java!”

I suspect that you’ve probably heard a lot of jokes about techies. Even the word “tech guy” or “tech geek” can trigger images of a bunch of geeky programmers sitting in front of a computer, screens flickering away with numbers and scrolling code.

java program

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It’s one of the stereotypes given to lots of tech guys out there. Actually, not all of them are nerds, well, not the kind of typical nerd you might think of. They might be basketball players, doctors, CEO’s of big companies like Apple or Facebook, or even journalists who sit at home writing all day.

Have you ever wondered what the life of a big tech guy like Tim Cook is like? What does he buy? Which brands does he choose?

For example, how would he choose a wireless charger for all his Apple gear? Especially as they cancelled the AirPower project.

Let’s take a closer look at the tech guys of today and see what they do.

What is a big tech guy really like?

-Highly-educated, or naturally smart

high eduction

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You will find that most tech guys have graduated from one of the top-end universities, probably with a bachelor’s or higher degree. They probably majored in computing, industrial engineering, mathematics or a similar topic. However, you will also find lots of tech guys that didn’t graduate from universities, in fact they are probably high school dropouts, those who just couldn’t get on with the education establishments. These people are smart, so smart that they end up teaching themselves, so they can achieve what ordinary graduates cannot do.

-A science and technology guru

science and technology

Tech guys advocate science and technology. They believe that technology can change the world and that’s what they focus on: exploring new technologies and bringing them into the real world. They will always be the first ones to learn about the latest trends, and they will dig as deep as they can to get to the bottom of everything that they are interested in.

-A creative mind

creative mind

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Of all the things that differentiate tech guys from us ordinary folk, the biggest difference is their way of thinking. They reject things labeled as common sense, they see things from different aspects and they think in a way that few people can follow. It’s no wonder they are one of the most creative groups in the world.

-They have No Limits


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You will be amazed at what tech geeks are interested in, from Plato to Thomas Edison, from Ernest Hemingway to L.S. Stavrianos. They often don’t have limits. Knowledgeable as they are, they feel a strong desire to continue to learn new things. They meet people from all walks of life and learn from other’s expertise.

-A great simplifier

minimalist simplifier

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Tech guys tend to be great simplifiers. They get straight to the core amongst a mess of ideas. They know what is needed and what isn’t. They love minimalism and they enjoy minimalist products that are simple and beautiful. They seem to have more time and energy to do big things.

Keeping this in mind, now think what Tim Cook would consider when he chooses a charger for his phone, iPad or Apple Watch.

What kind of charger would Tim Cook choose?

New or advanced technology

Is there new technology or process developed in this charger? When a tech guy like Tim Cook analyses a product, he wants to understand every part of it, how it’s made, what it’s made from, the technology and science will excite them. If it’s nothing new, then the charger is no different to the many others out there. I mean, what’s the point of choosing a charger that everyone can produce?

Creative and minimalistic design

PITAKA wireless charger Air Essential

The exterior of the charger should be high-quality yet simple. A tech guys’ life is often simple, some of them even choose to wear minimalistic, simple clothing. Once they embrace the minimalistic lifestyle, they will often become a strong advocate.

True Values

Time is valuable

More importantly the charger should bring something that he truly seeks, for example, saving time to enable him to do more important things. If the charger just charges a phone like any other out there, ok, it has a function, but no real value compared to anything else.

AirPower would be the charger that Tim Cook wanted, but unfortunately it was suddenly cancelled due to technological problems, well rumor has it. Whilst there are various alternatives to the AirPower on the market, most are mediocre and not a true alternative.

So, what would Tim Cook look for in his quest for a wireless charger? He knows what kind of wireless charger it should be, but does it exist? Let’s go and find out.

The Air Omni 6-in-1 Charging Station

The Air Omni is a game-changer in the wireless charging world. It can charge up to 6 devices at the same time, including the iPhone or other Qi-enabled phones, the iPad, the Apple Watch, the Airpods and Samsung earpods, as well as other USB-C/A devices.

-High tech and premium material

What’s the most important thing for a charger? Charging, of course. What’s the most annoying thing about wireless charging? You have to put your phone precisely at the center of the plate, even off center just a little and charging will stop.

With Air Omni, you don’t need it at all. There are 3 coils inside, lined up elaborately to provide a significant overlapped charging area. It’s called chain-coil, used first within PITAKA’s wireless chargers. You drop your phone anywhere to charge with no worries at all.

The second most annoying thing about wireless charging is heat. In fact, it’s not just wireless chargers that generate excess heat but also wired chargers as well. The level of heat must not exceed predefined safety levels, otherwise charging becomes very slow. The trick is understanding how to solve the problem? One of the secrets is to use materials that have excellent capabilities in dissipating heat, materials such as aramid fiber and zinc alloy, both used in the Air Omni. These ensure excellent heat dissipation and good reliability and long life.

How can Tim Cook not be fascinated by this particular charger?

-Unique design and stylish looks

There are so many details in Air Omni that will surprise you. Every feature is carefully designed.

To charge an Apple Watch, you can put the watch horizontally on the watch charging dock; or press a button to flip up the charging dock and put your watch on vertically.

When you don’t use Air Omni to charge, it still looks stylish on the desk. No matter what, it matches the desk, the house, and the life style that Tim Cooks lead.

-Multifunctional and minimalistic

Undeniably, the exterior of the Air Omni is minimalistic. Being a 6 in 1 wireless charging station, it saves you from a mess of cables. Keep your desk organized and neat.

Not just outside, but inside too, this multi-device wireless charger is minimalistic. As mentioned, it can charge up to 6 devices at the same time and it supports fast charging.

In Conclusion

Isn’t the Air Omni the choice for a tech guy like Tim Cook?

If you are looking for a charger for your Apple devices, if you want to be more like Tim Cook, the Air Omni is the one to choose.


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