Cool Gift for Tech Lovers: PITAKA Staff Pick

Holidays are not always filled with joy, but it could become stressful for many. There are so many things waiting for you to sort out, picking up gifts for your parents, your children, your BFF…

But wait, don’t despair, we are here to help. PITAKA are happy to provide a guiding light on your choice of gifts for everyone, tech lovers in particular. Check it out!

Stop wasting your time sitting there charging your phone: The MagEZ Juice

MagEZ Juice, wireless power bank and charging stand

“One of my favorites is the MagEZ Juice. My phone has never been below 80% since day 1. That’s the biggest comfort for a busy bee like me. Every day I am occupied by numerous calls and meetings. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone, or I just don’t find the time sitting there hours to charge my phone up to 80%. Now with the dock-and-go charger on my desktop, I just put my phone on it to charge when I sit down. And I can take the palm-sized power bank that automatically attaches to my phone when I leave my seat. That saves me from a lot of troubles.”

-Kerry, Sales Manager

The best Every Day Carry: The Air Pal Mini for AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro case from PITAKA

“I will pick the Air Pal Mini. I carry the AirPods every day. That’s easy. The difficult part is rummaging through my bag to find the AirPods. I intended to purchase a case but I couldn’t make up my mind. Technology and fashion are two things I cannot pass on my everyday wear and carry since I am a fan of industrial fashion. Fortunately, I got the Air Pal Mini. Protective, chic, easy to carry. Never misplace it again. Its dual-side wireless charging design just makes it much cooler. What more could you ask for? Isn’t it sound like a great choice?”

-Anna, Overseas Marketing Specialist

Lighten your load: The Air Case

Air Case, PITAKA's thinnest and lightest aramid fiber case

“They call me the ‘philosopher’ because I meditate, and I always try to find the meaning of life by living with less. Don’t laugh. You will know how great it is if you embrace minimalism. I indeed own fewer possessions than others but what I own is necessary and incomparable. Take my phone case, for example. It’s extremely lightweight and thin, but it isn’t easy to break it at all. Feel like my phone is naked and better than that, it’s so comfortable and pleasing to touch that I find it harder to let go. My pocket or you can say that my life has become lighter. ”

-Jack, Domestic Online Sales Manager

Help you get noticed on Instagram: The MagEZ Wallet UE

MagEZ Wallet UE, carbon fiber modular wallet

“If you want to cause a sensation on social media as I do, it has to be the MagEZ Wallet. I love the modular design. The first time I slide this wallet to pay for my meal, I saw a WOW face on the cashier. Then I took pictures and shared them on Instagram, and no doubt I received a lot of attention. Everyone was asking, ‘What is that?’ Definitely, it’s my highlight moment on social media. I have given it to my dad who agreed that it’s the coolest wallet ever. He loved it more when he saw his name on the back of the wallet.”

-Stefan, Social Media Specialist

Keep your home organized while charging: The Air Tray

Air Tray, storage plate with hidden wireless charger

“I used to be good at forgetting my stuff, like keys and glasses, but since I put this Air Tray at the entrance, I no longer lose my gears at my own house. I drop my keys on the storage plate when I arrive home and I won’t forget to take them when I leave since they are right in front of me. It’s an organizer at home and more than that, there is a hidden wireless charger for me to drop my phone beside my keys to charge. You want to make your friend or family feel more like at home? Send them the Air Tray.”

-Tracy, Foreign Trade Merchandiser

I hope that we have given you some ideas on what to pick for your holiday gifts. To give you even more ideas on finding the ultimate gift to give to your friends and family, check out the PITAKA website, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy shopping!

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