Here are 5 Reasons why you really need a Magnetic Car Mount for your Phone

OK, to start with, ‘everyone’ knows that you should not use your phone while driving a car. However, many do use their phone in the car, navigating a route, checking messages, listening to music, taking phones calls etc....

Unfortunately, this kind of warning is heeded about as much as ones such as, ‘you should not stay up late because it can be really harmful to your health’. Basically, people just don’t really take any notice of these, do they?

The thing is, many of these warnings have a certain amount of truth to them and if you are one of those who doesn’t take any notice, then you might be putting yourself in danger.

Fortunately, humans are intelligent enough to invent things to reduce the risk (careful, that’s reduce only not remove!). For example, a cell phone car mount, designed to hold your device in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen whilst driving. So, the only question left to answer is: If the market is flooded with cheap and unreliable phone car mounts, which one should you buy?

Maybe you should know what you could choose first.

What are the options when it comes to a car phone mount?

There are many car phone mounts on the market, but take a closer look and you will find that apart from wireless charging functionality, there are 3 types available: those that clamp your phone, those that attach to your phone magnetically but need to stick a metal plate on the back of your phone or case, and those that are magnetic but somehow hide the metal plate.

So, let’s look at each one and see which is better.

1) The car mount that clamps your phone (type 1)

Do a search on Amazon and you will see lots of car phone mounts just like this.

They have either 2 or 3 arms that clamp the phone whilst in your car, and the mounting base varies between a suction cup to an air vent clip or even a CD slot. Most of the time these car mounts rely on the clamping forces to work, or to be specific, they use various gears and springs to clamp your phone and keep it safe mechanically.

2) The magnetic car mounts that need you to stick a metal plate on your phone (type 2)

This is another popular type on Amazon. Compared with the first type, this one has magnets inside which replace the mechanical clamps.

To use it, you need to stick a rectangular or round metal plate (or metal ring to wirelessly charge your phone) on the back of your phone (or phone case). It’s this metal plate, which is attracted by the magnets in the mount, which holds your phone securely in place.

3) The magnetic car mount that provides an elegant solution (type 3)

Believe it or not, those metal plates can be really annoying when it comes to the aesthetics of your phone or being able to wirelessly charge your phone. Fortunately for you and me, there are some smart designers who have found clever ways to hide those metal plates inside the phone case so that the magnetic car mount works correctly without ruining the aesthetic beauty of your phone, and that is type 3.

Now let’s go back to the previous question: which one should you invest in?

Why will magnetic car mounts (with the metal plate) dominate the car phone mount market?

Mounting a smartphone in a car shouldn't be complicated. It just needs to be sturdy, secure, and adjustable.

However, that is easier said than done and unfortunately, a good one is not easy to find.

Fear not, I have done that for you, I have found the best magnetic car mount out there and not a metal plate anywhere to be seen.

1) Providing better experience of daily usage (while comparing with the first type)

Assuming that you own the first type of car phone mounts, you need to carefully install your phone in from the top so that the springs work correctly to clamp your phone. Or the gears work to prevent your phone from dropping.

This can be a good way of holding your phone if there is no magnetic car mount.

Let’s check out how it works.


A magnetic car mount is easier to use, you simply place and replace, or, ‘toss’ your phone on the car mount whenever you want to secure your phone. It’s very convenient, just like using a wireless charging pad but more secure.

2) It’s much more aesthetically pleasing

When compared with the type 1 mount, a magnetic mount looks much cleaner, simpler, and less clunky.

magmount qi vs common car mount

As you can see, unlike the one that has mechanical arms, which can block part of the screen when you are checking your phone, the magnetic mount offers you a perfect view, which is important for safe driving. Also, it looks super clean and simple.

But what about type 2?

Well, since they are both magnetic car mounts, the view won’t be a problem, although the metal plate will be.

MagEZ Mount Qi VS Common magnetic car mount

There’s no metal plate stuck on the back of your phone/case when you use the type 3 car mount, it just looks neat and uncluttered, whereas the type 2 one can totally ruin the look of your phone.

3) The metal plate won’t affect the wireless charging or cause your phone to heat up

The metal plate is embedded or just stuck on the back of your phone/case, which can be quite important when it comes to wireless charging. But why is that?

You might already have read about problems experienced by other users on the Internet. When you charge your phone wirelessly using a magnetic car mount, the stuck on the metal plate will interfere with the energy transfer and can cause your phone to heat up, as metal is a material that can reduce the electromagnetic fields used in wireless charging. You can check my other article The era of Wireless Charging is upon us, but does your Phone Case stop this? to find out more detailed reasons.

Ok, what if you use a metal ring to secure your phone on a magnetic mount and enable your phone to charge wirelessly instead?

Well, the location of the wireless charging aerials vary between phones and you never actually know if you are sticking the metal ring in the right place or not. Even if you stick it in the right place, you can’t ensure that you put your phone in the right place on the car mount where the wireless charging works. Consequently, the stuck on the metal ring will still be a causing you problems.

But if it were a magnetic car mount with embedded metal plates, the problem is solved straight away.

And you might have guessed; there is a good example of this available right now.

One of the best Magnetic car mounts——PITAKA MagEZ Mount Qi

Why would I dare say so?

Firstly, the MagEZ Mount Qi automatically aligns itself perfectly using 10 x N52 embedded magnets to the 2 metal plates in the MagEZ Case. Whilst metal is usually attracted to magnets, accurate positioning can be a problem, but with 10 magnets in place, this is not a problem with this car mount.

Magmount qi

Secondly, it’s super easy to use. Just simply pop your phone on the mount, and it aligns itself and starts to charge your phone.


Thirdly, fast charging is supported. How long it takes to fast charge your phone will depend on the cable and charger you use. Just make sure that you use the correct, compatible adapter and cable.

Fourthly, it’s aesthetically pleasing and looks much cleaner on your dashboard.


As you see, your car dashboard is neat and ordered. Your phone is not tied by either the cable or the annoying metal plate.

Fifthly, it enables you to rotate the viewing angle, between portrait and landscape using it’s 360°rotational ball joint design.

MagEZ Mount Qi

Last but not least, it has 3 types of the mounting base, one for your car vent, one for a CD slot and a suction cup to fix it to a window. You choose the most applicable one for your car.

In conclusion

As I said right at the start, you really shouldn’t use your phone whilst driving, but if you really need to, choose a quality cell phone car mount to reduce the risk of having an accident.

There are actually only 3 types of car phone mount on the market: mounts that use mechanical arms; magnetic car mounts that need you to stick a metal plate on your phone and magnetic car mounts that use embedded metal plates.

From personal experience, the last type is my ideal choice since it has the security and simplicity of magnetic mounting along with wireless charging working at the same time correctly; automatically aligning itself; support for fast charging; very easy to use; 360°rotation and so on.

There are many features you need to consider when it comes to buying a phone, but if you are choosing a phone car mount, the above 5 reasons should be enough to make sure that you get the best one for your money.

If you need a phone mount for your car, you could go and waste some time and money trying out various ones on the market, or you could just go and get a PITAKA MagEZ Mount Qi, the best one available and get on with enjoying the drive, safely!


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