FAQ for Air Omni

1. Can I use the power adapter for the Air Quad to charge the Air Omni?

No. The Air Omni and the Air Quad use different types of power adapter connector. The Air Omni is more powerful, with a power input of 15V/4.3A, while the Air Quad has 15V/3.5A.

2. Is the Apple Watch charger compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch?

No. The Air Omni watch charging module is only for the Apple Watch. However, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy Watch via the USB port on the Air Omni.

3. Does the Air Omni support dual voltage 100V-240V?

The power adapter for the Air Omni supports dual voltage 100V-240V. You can use it in any country as long as you have the correct type of power supply. No voltage converter is needed.

4. Will a 12.9 inch iPad fit, and will it be stable?

A 12.9 inch iPad fits and will be stable with the support of the stand. It should not topple unless a large force pushes against it.

5. Can I adjust the height of the convertible charging connector? Does it support devices in cases?

The convertible Lightning/USB-C connector raises when unfolding the support stand. The height is 7.5mm and not adjustable. However, it does support devices with cases that are not too thick, such as phones using the MagEZ Case/Air Case.

6. Is there any protection for charging on the wireless charger? Is there some sort of shut off mechanism once full charge is reached?

There are over-temperature, FOD, under-voltage, overcurrent, short-circuit protection mechanisms for the wireless charging part. Whether your phone will stop charging once full charge is reached depends on your phone's charging system. Some phones will not draw current anymore from the charger once it reaches 100%. Nowadays most smartphones have their protection mechanisms to avoid damages caused by overcharging.

7. What’s the size of the included power adapter? Is it a Gallium Nitride (GaN)?

The size of the included power adapter is 108.4x51.4x38.4mm. It’s not a Gallium Nitride charger.

8. Does the travel pouch hold the power adapter?

The power supply is a bit too big for the travel pouch. But you can keep your personal items such as jewelry, SIM cards, and cables safe in the travel pouch.

9. Does the travel pouch fit the Air Quad?

Smaller than the Omni, the Air Quad can be put into the travel pouch, but it doesn't perfectly fit because the pouch is built for the Air Omni. We recommend you put something, such as foams, in the pouch to protect the Air Quad from impact or compression when carrying it around.

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