Colorful Phone Cases – the Joys of Fusion Weaving™

Deciding on a phone case shouldn’t be a long, drawn-out affair. After spending hours, days, or even weeks pin-pointing exactly the right phone, you want to start using it as soon as possible, which means deciding on a case pretty quickly.

Many of us just go with cases that catch our eye in the shop or on Amazon, which often means colorful phone cases. However, the phone case we choose to fit on our phone can make a huge difference, both practically and aesthetically. So, it really does make sense to go for great, aesthetic phone cases rather than just OK ones.


What Makes a Great Phone Case?

First, and foremost, it should be protective. That’s what we use a phone case for, after all, to protect our phones from scratches, bumps, and drops. Secondly, it should provide a good grip. Though a phone case is designed to protect from drops, we don’t want a case that’s going to make drops even more likely. 

And, unless you’re a hardcore outdoor enthusiast who needs heavy-duty protection, it should be lightweight and slim, so as to not add extra bulk.

This is why aramid fiber is the ideal solution for phones cases. It’s five times stronger than steel at the same time as being five times lighter. And anyone who’s ever used an aramid fiber case can attest to the unique texture, which provides a luxury feel as well as a firm grip. If you’re looking for aesthetic phone cases that are also brilliantly practical, aramid fiber is a great choice.


Aramid Fiber and Colorful Phone Cases

However, aramid fiber cases are not as easy to manufacture as, say, plastic or silicone cases. As the name suggests, aramid fibers are fibers that need to be woven on a loom, just like wool fibers. And like wool, it’s not possible to imprint designs on top of the fibers, as you would do with plastic or silicone cases.

This explains why, if you take a look at most aramid fiber cases, they’re often limited to one or two colors, one color for the warp (the vertical fibers), and another for the weft (the horizontal fibers), all following the same style or pattern.  

Though they look great and definitely distinctive, we at PITAKA wanted to take aramid fiber cases into new horizons. And that started with incorporating more eye-catching design elements for truly aesthetic phone cases.


The Fusion Solution for Aesthetic Phone Cases 

We set our engineers this difficult challenge. And after countless hours of research and development, with much trial and error, they arrived at a solution. By using multiple weaving techniques and colored fibers on a single loom, they came up with a way to produce the world’s first multi-styled, multi-colored aramid fiber

The result is our new Fusion Weaving™ technology, and we’ve incorporated it into the latest PITAKA phone cases, with four new stand-out styles for beautifully subtle, colorful phone cases.

So, let’s take a look at the inspiration behind our new Fusion Weaving™ technology, then look at each style in turn and what they represent.


Phone Case Aesthetic Technology

Technology is about getting things done faster. Take mail as an example. In the past, it could take up to a week to send a letter from one side of the US to the other. Now, with email, you can send a message to other countries many times faster than it takes to actually read the message.

Technology is also about doing things better. Aramid fiber technology is a great example here. Aramid fiber phone cases protect your phone much better than other phone case materials.

But, at PITAKA, we believe that technology isn’t just about saving time and making things better, it’s also about making each and every moment as good as possible. And for that, we need to add a true phone case aesthetic.  


Where Technology Meets Music

“Music is the shorthand of emotion” – Leo Tolstoy

Nothing in life creates a greater aesthetic effect than music. The magic of music is that it can be incorporated into any situation to change the mood. Think how music can transform the meaning of a movie, turn a rainy day into a happy one, not to mention relieve the boredom of waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

Therefore, we wanted to incorporate the magic of music into our phone cases. But how?

You may have heard of synesthesia, where a person can ‘see’ a piece of music, or ‘hear’ a picture, for example. In other words, it’s the process whereby one kind of perception is translated into another. At PITAKA, we took advantage of this phenomenon to represent the audio world of music in visual form, then applied it to our new Fusion Weaving™ designs to create brilliantly colorful phone cases.

Each design is framed around a notable element in classical music. They offer four very different experiences, so, whether you’re a fan of classical music or not, you can find the style that suits you.  


1. “Da Da Da DAH!” – Overture

You probably know the opening of Beethoven’s fifth symphony. It’s possibly the most famous four notes in music. The opening of an extended piece of classical music, such as an opera, is called the ‘overture’.

As the opening, a great overture should be broad and all-encompassing. It should create a sense of a new beginning, as well as the feeling of optimism and excitement about what is to come, falling to silence in quiet anticipation of the first act.

We took all these elements and used them on the first of our Fusion Weaving™ designs, Overture.

As you can see, the yellow waves of color that fan out from the edge of the case create that sense of a new beginning and optimism. The yellow waves reduce their swell to the subtlety of the subdued red color, like music quieting down, with a brief pause of black before rising again to red, like silence and then the first act beginning.

If you’re a born optimist, always anticipating what is to come, then Overture is the Fusion Weaving™ design for you.


2. “One for All, All for One” – Concerto

Sometimes in center stage, there’s only enough room for one. A ‘concerto’ is a piece of music in which a single instrument, such as a flute, takes the lead role, supported throughout by the orchestra.

The amazing thing about an orchestra is that it can bring together even the most diverse-sounding instruments. Take the flute. Its light, subtle tones couldn’t sound more different to the crashing timpani drum. But with all the other instruments in between, from the light-toned violins to the medium-level cellos to the powerful brass section, those opposing sounds can be blended together into a harmonious unity.

Inspired by these unique features, we created our second Fusion Weaving™ design, Concerto.

The first blue thread stands out clearly from the other colors, like the solo instrument standing center stage in a concerto.

The cool tones of the blue color are in marked contrast to the warm, fiery tones of the opposite dark red thread. Put together side-by-side, these tones would undoubtedly clash. But the cooler yellow and the progressively warmer tones of the orange and bright red, create a beautifully blended effect, like all of the instruments in an orchestra playing together.

If you enjoy the sense of unity in life, bringing together all the various aspects of life into a whole, then Concerto is the design for you.


3. “Order out of Chaos” – Rhapsody

But life rarely has a dominant theme to it. Often it’s a concatenation of wildly differing thoughts, emotions, and desires. In the world of music, this sense of chaotic beauty is represented by the ‘rhapsody’.

A rhapsody as a piece of music can be long or short, loud or soft, happy or sad, and more often than not combines all these competing elements into one, just like life itself. There are no rules, other than what seems right in the moment.

With the Rhapsody design, Fusion Weaving™ brings order out of chaos. There are short strokes of thread, long strokes, and those in the middle, all formed from a wide variety of colors. Though it all seemingly makes no sense, if you look harder you can see a surprising new form arise.

If you love the feeling that life could and will throw anything at you, but that it still all holds together like a beautiful work of art, then Rhapsody is the design for you. 


4. “Simplicity is Beauty” – Sonata

Sometimes it’s best just to strip everything down to its fundamentals. In the classical world, just one or two instruments playing together is given the term ‘sonata’.

It’s a way to present the true fullness of an individual instrument. Two pianos playing together, or two violins, can reflect back at each other and bring out the best of the other.   

You can see this elegant simplicity in our final Fusion Weaving™ design, Sonata.

Two yellow threads beat in perfect unison together, first long then short, just like two instruments echoing the fullness of the other. It provides an emotion of clarity, purity, and surety of purpose.

If you love the simple things in life and keeping faith with what is nearest and dearest to you, then Sonata is the design for you.


Colorful Phone Cases – A New Beginning

As I hope we’ve shown, Fusion Weaving™ technology represents the next step in aramid fiber aesthetic phone cases.

At PITAKA, we are at the forefront of taking technology in bold new directions and creating a new phone case aesthetic using aramid fiber, available as MagSafe-compatible or in a super-lightweight form. But it’s not just about technology, it’s about how technology can deepen our engagement and enjoyment each and every moment. Fusion Weaving™ cases represent the ‘fusion’ of technology and feeling, just what great technology has always been about.

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