Can The Newest iPad Pro Really Replace Your Laptop?

Newest iPad Pro 2020 can replace your laptop

"Your next computer is not a computer."

This is Apple’s tagline to market its latest iPad Pro, which was released in March of this year. But is this statement really true? The newest iPad Pro includes several new features and accessories that make it very attractive to users, but it also has some drawbacks. In this article, we explore both the strengths and weaknesses of the 2020 iPad Pro to help you decide if it's really the laptop replacement it claims to be.

What Makes the Newest iPad Pro More like a Computer?

Mouse and Trackpad

Mouse and trackpad on iPad Pro 2020

One of the 2020 iPad Pro’s most interesting features is its inclusion of mouse and trackpad capabilities. For the first time, it is possible to interact with your iPad without using the touch screen.

Using a mouse and a trackpad with your iPad Pro opens up several new possibilities. For example, the trackpad allows you to interact with content on your screen much more accurately than with your finger or the Apple Pencil: this makes more precise activities such as gaming or designing much easier.

Another benefit of adding trackpad support is that you can now use trackpad gestures on your iPad Pro. For those of you who don’t know: trackpad gestures are shortcuts using your fingers on the trackpad that are designed to make your user experience much easier. In this way, the 2020 iPad Pro allows you to click, scroll, switch between apps, and return to the home screen from the trackpad function in exactly the same way you would on a MacBook.

App Multitasking

App multitasking on iPad Pro 2020

App multitasking has been around for a few years on the iPad Pro and has improved continuously over time. Though often taken for granted on laptops, this feature allows you to switch between apps on the same screen. In this way, you can watch a video while working on a spreadsheet or scrolling through your social feed.

While previously nonexistent on the iPad, this feature has reached a point where it is comparable with that of a laptop.

The 2020 iPad Pro now allows you to have two apps open side by side, with a third above the other two in a smaller window. The latest version of iPadOS also allows you to open multiple instances of the same application.

External Storage

share files between iPads through external storage

The iPad Pro includes a USB-C port, which replaces the Lightning port found on previous models. This allows you to connect a flash drive or external hard drive to your iPad and is a practical addition for two reasons:

First, it allows you to move files between your iPad and an external storage device.

Second, it allows you to add valuable storage space to your device without having to pay for the upgraded version.

Manage Your Documents in the Files App

Files app on iPad Pro 2020

Apple first released the Files app for its iOS devices in 2011. The app has improved significantly since then, with additional organizational and integration features that make it incredibly flexible and powerful.

Though not quite the same as Finder on Mac, the Files app on the iPad Pro provides most of the basic features you'll need to manage your files unless you have an abnormal amount of files, a strict organization system, or exclusively rely on Finder on your Mac. In most cases, you should find that the Files app for the iPad Pro will meet your needs.

Can the 2020 iPad Pro Really Replace Your Laptop?

This is a tough question to answer because it largely depends on your computing needs. Although the answer won't be the same for everyone, most Apple users are likely to find the switch to the newest iPad Pro are relatively easy one.

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using the iPad Pro 2020 as your primary computer.

Advantages of the 2020 iPad Pro


It just works iPad pro 2020

User friendliness is the most obvious advantage to switching to an iPad Pro for your computing needs. The touch screen, App Store, and swiping features add a level of fluidity to the UI that no laptop can match. This makes the iPad Pro an ideal machine for less tech-savvy individuals who want a device that adheres to Apple's "it just works," philosophy.


minimalist iPad Pro

For minimalists, there isn't a simpler computer to use than the iPad Pro. The interface is clear and straightforward and it does just about anything you could possibly need from a computer. It's also lightweight, thin, and extremely portable.


Draw fro iPad Pro with Apple pencil

This is another draw for the iPad Pro (pun intended): it allows you to sketch, doodle, design, and draw effortlessly. The Apple Pencil is also widely considered to offer the smoothest digital drawing experience available today: if you're an illustrator or graphic designer that works in the digital space, or simply prefer handwritten notes, the iPad Pro is a dream machine.

Disadvantages Of The iPad Pro 2020


iPad Pro 2020 is not powerful as a computer

Although the iPad Pro has a lot of promising new features that bring it closer to the power of a computer, it's not quite there. The 2020 MacBook Air, which is closest in price to the iPad Pro and features 8GB of RAM against the iPad Pro’s 6GB (the MacBook’s RAM can also be upgraded to 16GB if desired). The MacBook Air also features twice as much storage, 10+ additional hours of battery life, and a flexible operating system that is capable of just about anything. The newest iPad Pro is a lightweight machine that can handle a few more intensive tasks than its predecessors, such as video editing, but it does not quite replace the power of a full computer.


limited iPadOS on iPad Pro 2020

Additionally, the iPad Pro is limited by iPadOS, which simply doesn't have the same level of flexibility and features as MacOS or Windows. You can't interact with a terminal on the iPad or automatically backup your files using Time Machine.

Even though several of the new features on the iPad Pro mimic traditional computer features, such as multitasking and file management, they're just that: an imitation of something that a computer can do better.

Who Should Switch to the Newest iPad Pro?

You switch to the iPad Pro if you have fairly light computing needs that would be enhanced by the extra power and features of the iPad Pro without being hindered by its limitations. For example, writers, artists, musicians, students, and some cinematographers are likely good candidates to switch to the iPad Pro.

computer programmer computing on MacBook

You probably shouldn't switch to an iPad Pro if you have intensive and involved computing needs. This includes programmers, developers, some photographers and videographers who work with high-res formats, people who use their computer for work, people who need to be able to download company software, etc.

What Are the Risks of Switching to the Newest iPad Pro?

One of the benefits of sticking with the MacBook is that have robust aluminum shells, to protect their more sensitive components, especially the screen. This makes them extremely long-lasting devices, even when tossed in a backpack daily.

iPads, on the other hand, have a reputation for being less durable. The device comes with much less protective casing, meaning it is more prone to damage than the average computer.

iPad Pro case iPad case aramid fiber case

That's where protective cases come in. The Apple iPad case offers great features, like the floating hinge, but it doesn't offer the kind of protection that many iPad Pro users are looking for. To provide iPad Pro fans with a durable, protective case, PITAKA has launched the Aramid fiber case for iPad Pro 2020.


The newest iPad Pro is the closest you can get to a MacBook in tablet form, bringing loads of new features and improvements that make a potential laptop replacer for lots of users. If you're considering making the switch or have already ordered your iPad Pro, you don’t want to miss the PITAKA case for iPad Pro 2020. Coming soon!

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