Best iPhone Cases for iPhone 12 Series

The iPhone 13 came out last autumn, and the iPhone 14 will make headlines in about six months. That said, the iPhone 12 series still hold its value.

Compared to its predecessors, the iPhone 12 has some significant changes, among which the MagSafe is the most talked-about feature. With the array of magnets embedded in the mobile, the iPhone 12 can directly adhere to a bunch of magnetic accessories, thus making it a more valuable and convenient everyday tool. And a new line of accessories for the iPhone 12 was released, including phone cases with MagSafe.

Arguably, phone cases are one of the must-haves for smartphone users. They play different roles as people have different needs. We've looked at some of the best cases for the iPhone 12 series in different categories.

Best MagSafe Compatible Cases: PITAKA MagEZ 2.0 Cases, Apple's Official Cases

MagSafe accessories stick to your iPhone 12 if you use a thin case, even without MagSafe magnets. But it doesn't work as well as using a MagSafe case. Think about it. If you put an object between two magnets, those two magnets might still connect, but surely the attraction is reduced. So, to use your iPhone 12 to its full potential, particularly to enjoy the MagSafe technology, a MagSafe compatible case is highly recommended.

Apple offers Silicone, Clear, and Leather cases with MagSafe. The built-in magnets in the case will offer a magical attachment and faster wireless charging experience. They offer some protection and grip. The Silicone and Leather Cases are available in various color options, while the Clear Case will show off the bright colored finish of your iPhone 12 but also the MagSafe magnet, which inevitably makes the case or phone less attractive.

PITAKA has been developing magnetic phone cases since 2015, and we upgraded to cases with MagSafe capability when the iPhone 12 made its public appearance. The MagEZ Case Pro 2 for iPhone 12 series is an exceptionally protective case with a minimalist style, even with built-in magnets. Made out of aramid fiber, the case has a classic finish with black and grey weaves and offers a comfortable grip. In addition, it magnetically adheres to Apple's MagSafe accessories as well as PITAKA's MagEZ 2.0 accessories, such as MagEZ Car Mount Pro, MagEZ Slider, and MagEZ Card Sleeve 3.

Best iPhone 12 Case with Built-in Stand: ESR Metal Kickstand Case

Having a case to work as a stand is a brilliant idea to free your hands while using your phone. Unlike many other kickstand cases with a similar design, the ESR stand case for iPhone 12 series features a two-way stand made out of metal, allowing you to put the screen vertically or horizontally to FaceTime your friends or watch your favorite show. And it's adjustable up to 60 degrees for convenient viewing at any angle. Moreover, the stand can retain over 80% hinge strength after 3,000+ uses based on lab testing.

Best Hand Strap Case: Clckr Stand and Grip Case

Clckr is another excellent stand case for iPhone 12. The built-in stand and grip strap clicks into the back of your phone and can be folded to support your phone in portrait, landscape or conference call mode. It also works as a grip strap. If you are afraid of dropping your phone, put your hand through the strap to ensure a firmer hold and safer use of your device. The case is not mainly built for protection, but it can survive drops from up to 2m/6.6ft based on tests. And it's compatible with most wireless chargers (MagSafe ones not included).

Best Protective Case: UAG Monarch Series

Sometimes, we can tell what a case is made for merely from its look. The Urban Armor Gear's Monarch series is one of them. The rugged frame design, the carbon fiber finish, and hollow cells inside altogether assure you that you don't need to worry about the protection of your phone. The case features 5 layers of protection and passes 2X military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6).

Best Slim & Light-weight Case: PITAKA Air Case

Well, while some like to cover their device with heavily-protective cases, some prefer the opposite. Although a lot of phone makers manage to keep a thin profile of the phone while offering maximum protection, a case that offers decent drop protection is no way near the weight of a case designed to add style or grip to your phone. You can't have it both ways.

If you're looking for a slim case for your iPhone 12, you can't miss out on the PITAKA Air Case. With a thickness of 0.65mm and a weight of 10 grams, the Air Case adds little bulk and helps keep the slim silhouette of your phone. It's so slim that you can even attach and charge your iPhone 12 on the MagSafe Charger through the case, even though it's not built with magnets. And holding the phone becomes more comfortable with the case on thanks to the smooth and textured surface crafted from 600D aramid fiber. The minimalist case makes your investment look more luxurious while providing grip and slight protection against daily wear and tear.

Best Wood Case: KerfCase Wood Case

Plastic, leather, silicone, and aramid fiber are commonly-seen phone case materials. You can find wood cases too, although they tend not to be as popular as others. Needless to say, wood is sustainable, highly customizable, and provides grip and hold. KerfCase has been making solid wood iPhone cases since 2013. They offer iPhone 12 cases made out of different kinds of woods, cherry, maple, mahogany, purpleheart, bocote, to name just a few. And you can choose to engrave text and images on the case to make it more attractive and uniquely yours. On top of that, their iPhone 12 wood case has a slim profile and is MagSafe and Qi charging compatible.

Best Mounting Case: Rokform

The Rokform Rugged Case series for iPhone 12 is a protective case, as its name and appearance imply. But protection aside, it's an excellent mounting case. A dual large neodymium magnet is specially designed to stick your phone on any magnetic surface, such as your fridge and toolbox. And the integrated RokLock twist allows you to securely mount your phone to a variety of optional mounts for bikes, cars, motorcycles, and more. But the convenience comes with a caveat: you have to remove the center magnet to wirelessly charge your iPhone. According to Rokform, the magnet will not negatively impact your GPS, credit cards, Wi-Fi, camera, etc., but guess it overlaps the charging coil inside the phone, getting in the way of wireless charging. In addition, the case comes with a lanyard slot to work with almost any lanyard for extra security and drops prevention.

Whether you're looking for a simple case just to cover the basics, or a multi-functional case, the above recommendations are guaranteed to suit your needs.

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