Are Mobile Power Banks Effective Enough to Use in Real Life? We Did A Survey

mobile power bank is not effective to use, portable battery pack

As you watch your phone battery reduce down from 80% to 50% and then to 20%, you may start to panic. There is no wall outlet in view, and you have forgotten your phone charger. You are not alone in these feelings: according to a 2016 study undertaken by LG Electronics, 90% of people experience low battery anxiety.

Power banks extend cell phone battery life, and have existed since most phone manufacturers, including Apple, dumped removable batteries. One of the problems with power banks is that once you start relying on them, you end up with at least three or four, none of which meet your needs. So, what is the issue with these power banks?

survey on the number of power banks people own

What are the Problems with Mobile Power Banks? We Did a Survey

No matter which power bank you purchase, it seems like there will always be a challenge. We recently asked our customers about their power bank usage. Below, we breakdown and analyze the most significant issues people face when using a power bank.

Too large to Carry

large mobile power bank

53.6% of our survey participants consider the size of the power bank to be the biggest challenge. We all want our cell phones to last as long as possible. We want to watch Netflix on the way home or while waiting in a queue. With a 10000mAh power bank, you might feel assured and secure going everywhere. The problem is that, honestly, who wants to carry the extra weight? High-capacity power banks to be cumbersome and too large to fit into a pocket.

Inadequate capacity

low-capacity power bank, small power bank

The same principle applies to smaller power banks. While they are tiny enough to fit into a pocket or handbag, they may be useless in some cases. A 3000mAh power bank can give you around 50% battery life, which should be adequate for the daily commute. But if you were out for an excursion with the family, you may need more juice. 39.3% of people we surveyed wished they had high-capacity power banks.

Forget to charge

forget to charge mobile power bank

Forgetting to charge your power bank was, according to our study, the second biggest problem, with 42.9% saying they often forgot to charge. After working like a charm the first few times you use it, one day, you will plug it in only to find that the power bank is completed dead. Sounds familiar, right? Since we do not use a power bank as often as a cell phone, it is reasonable to expect to forget to charge it sometimes. Even when it is sitting in the drawer, the power bank loses charge over time.

Inconvenient to use the phone while charging

holding both the cell phone and mobile power bank

Though the power bank is portable, you still need a cable to connect the mobile power bank to your phone. It is easy for the cord to get tangled up in your bag or snag on things when you use the power bank. How about a wireless charging power bank? There are no messy of cables, but you have the added inconvenience of holding the phone and power bank together to charge.

Are all mobile power banks defective to some extent?

Are There Any Mobile Power Banks That Are Easy To Use?

Mobile power banks have been around for dozens of years, but they are not getting any better.

Limited Technology and Material

Are there any mobile power banks that are lightweight yet high-capacity? Currently, all mobile power banks use rechargeable batteries based on lithium technology, the same type that cell phones use.

mobile power banks use lithium batteries

It’s impossible for them to store a large amount of power while maintaining a moderate weight. Power banks are a far cry from being smart enough to recharge themselves or remind you to charge them. You will have to look forward to future technology or new materials for a solution.

Does it mean that you have to sacrifice convenience to use a mobile power bank? You should not have to. “Technology should serve humanity, not the other way around,” as Tim Cook put it. Even when limited by technology, we still have the potential to create amazing products.

Following the same pattern

mobile power banks of the same pattern

The last decade has seen power banks growing at an astonishing pace. They vary in colors, sizes, shapes, and so on. As the world is moving toward going “wireless”, wireless charging power banks are gaining momentum. Ditching the cable sounds like significant progress, but we end up experiencing the same challenges.

It would seem that the ideal power bank is still not available.

But it doesn’t have to be a mobile power bank

If you could charge your phone anytime, anywhere, would you still need a power bank? There is such a wireless charger for mobile phones that works as a convenient wireless charging stand and an emergency backup battery pack.

Unconsciously Charge Your Phone

magnetic wireless charger, emergency mobile power bank

The MagEZ Juice is a delicately designed wireless charging stand, mounted at 45 degrees, providing you with the best point of view to monitor the screen of your phone. Furthermore, it’s magnetic. When you place your phone with the MagEZ case on the stand, it will automatically attach and align to charge. It’s so effortless that you will instinctively mount your phone there whenever you want to put down your phone.

Think about it. If you take advantage of those times when your phone is idle, you can reduce your phone’s charging time in the long run. You will never be waiting for your phone to reach 20% when you always have a full battery. You rarely need a power bank, at least not a high-capacity one.

Backup battery for emergency use

Wireless charging stand aside, the MagEZ Juice can work as a portable backup battery pack as well. Just hold the phone and slide it up with the attached battery pack. Tada!

portable mobile power bank you don't need to charge

Fits into the palm of your hand and is lighter than your smartphone. The battery ticks all the boxes, thanks to the ergonomic and magnetic design. You can hold it while attached to your phone or put it in your pocket. When your phone battery is dropping, the backup battery pack helps your phone to survive until you access other power sources.

We've upgraded the power bank with more capacity and reinvented the charging base to make it more versatile and playful. Launching soon on Kickstarter. Sign up now to get the super early bird discount.

The Bottom Line

Mobile power banks were designed with good intentions; however, the benefits they bring can hardly justify the issues we experience. While waiting for the breakthrough, if you find it hard to use a power bank or are still looking for the next power bank, look no further than the MagEZ Juice. Try it, and you’ll know that the wireless charger can serve your needs that no other power banks can do.

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