Apple MagSafe: Everything You Need To Know

Apple MagSafe: Does It Work With Other Accessories and iPhones?

You may have seen the leaked photos of the magnet ring that spurred rumors about Apple's first endeavor into magnetic, wireless charging. Since the Apple Event earlier in October, we learned that this is part of the re-imagined MagSafe System.

Previously, Apple developed MagSafe for a power adapter with a magnetic connector that secured the charging cable to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, reducing the chances of it fraying or weakening over time.

The MagSafe introduced at the event, however, is a new system serving the iPhone 12 lineup. How exactly does the new MagSafe work? What does it mean for you?

What Does MagSafe For iPhone 12 Look Like?

iPhone 12 with MagSafe

The new handset features a round charging coil in the rear, which is the core of wireless charging. A built-in magnet array surrounding the coil is coupled with alignment magnets, enables iPhone 12 to align with the ring in a wireless charger magnetically. A single-turn coil Near-Field-Communication (NFC) with a magnetometer senses magnetic field strength and recognizes the iPhone model, which triggers the charger to react quickly, and more importantly, negotiate a faster-charging speed of 15W.

What Does MagSafe Mean For You?

Wireless charging will be effortless with MagSafe. When you move your phone close to the charger, it attaches and aligns perfectly, ensuring safe, fast charging.

MagSafe Charger with iPhone 12

MagSafe makes carrying easier as well. There's also a wallet available for Apple's new flagship phone, so you don't need a pocket or wallet for your business or credit cards. There are more MagSafe accessories on the way from both Apple and third-parties.

While the MagSafe system is promising, the magnetic system isn't original, and there's still a way to go before we feel 'wowed.' In fact, PITAKA has been building a magnetic wireless ecosystem for the past three years.

What's PITAKA MagEZ Ecosystem?

PITAKA is a pioneer of utilizing high-tech materials, such as aramid fibers and magnets, to simplify the user experience while offering unusual and innovative features that don't follow the crowd. From phone charging in different scenarios to home organization, the PITAKA MagEZ ecosystem has provided a new kind of tech lifestyle through varied alternative gadgets.

MagEZ Case - Thin, Durable, Protective

thin iPhone 12 cases from PITAKA, compatible with MagSafe

Equipped with two metal strips, the MagEZ Case attaches to other devices with magnets within them, making it easier to charge your phone wherever you are. The aramid phone case is one of the cornerstone pieces of the PITAKA MagEZ ecosystem, providing creative integration as more products are released.

magnets in the iPhone 12 and metals in PITAKA magnetic phone case

To clarify, there aren't any magnets inside the MagEZ Case, but two small crescent metal strips. The MagEZ Case then attaches to our MagEZ wireless chargers that do have magnets built-in. To avoid any interference with the magnets in the new iPhone 12 chassis, PITAKA engineers modified the shape and position of the metal in the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12.

MagEZ Wireless Chargers - Convenient, Fast & Hassle-Free

PITAKA magnetic wireless chargers

After a phone case, the next essential accessory for a mobile phone is the charger. PITAKA has released several different magnetic wireless chargers, such as the MagEZ Mount Qi, the MagEZ Mount Qi Desktop, and the MagEZ Juice. The case attaches flawlessly for an uninterrupted charging experience at home, in your car, or on the go.

Sounds like the MagSafe system?

Well, PITAKA began to gear up for this challenge almost five months ago when we learned that Apple would set up a similar ecosystem, preparing a new case tailored specifically for iPhone 12 with MagSafe.

Given that both sides use magnets to create the same kind of accessories, many people have the same concern: will the PITAKA MagEZ ecosystem work with the Apple MagSafe system?

Below are the common questions regarding compatibility between MagSage and MagEZ.

1. Do I need to take off the MagEZ Case if I want to charge my iPhone 12 with the MagSafe Charger?

No, you can leave the case on while you charge. The metal strips in our cases will not affect the charging or magnetic attachment of your iPhone 12. Despite the metal, the case is as thin as a few sheets of paper - only 0.03in (0.85mm).

thin iPhone 12 case recommended by Apple

Per Apple's Accessory Design Guideline, Apple recommends a case no thicker than 2.1mm to work with the MagSafe system. Both PITAKA MagEZ and Air Case (0.025in/0.65mm) are well below the 2.1mm line, allowing you to use either case without making a compromise.

In a nutshell, using a MagEZ/Air Case with an iPhone 12 allows you to use the Apple MagSafe Charger and iPhone Leather Wallet as if you're not using a case at all.

2. Can I charge my iPhone 12 with PITAKA MagEZ chargers?

PITAKA MagEZ chargers support Qi wireless charging technology, so in theory, they can be used to charge iPhone 12. However, because the magnets in our chargers are specifically designed to work with the MagEZ Case, the iPhone 12 cannot stick magnetically to the charger without a MagEZ Case.

Why not get a MagEZ Case so you can mount and charge your iPhone 12 on the MagSafe Charger as well as our chargers?

3. Can I charge my iPhone 12 with PITAKA Air chargers?

Yes, you can. iPhone 12 is a Qi-enabled wireless charging device, meaning it will work on our Qi wireless chargers, including Air Essential, Air Tray, and Air Omni Lite. iPhone 12 in the MagEZ Case or Air Case will still work.

4. Will my iPhone 12 still work on PITAKA wireless chargers if I put on an Apple MagSafe Case?

Yes, you can still use all our Air Series chargers to wireless charge your iPhone 12 with a MagSafe Case.

However, due to the positioning of the magnets in the iPhone 12 and the MagSafe Case, neither can be used with our magnetic chargers.

5. Can I use MagSafe to charge my iPhone 11 or other iPhone models?

Yes, while it can charge using Qi wireless charging, it will not magnetically attach to any other phone other than the iPhone 12 Series. The MagSafe Charger works with iPhone 8 and later models, as well as AirPods that are capable of wireless charging.

MagEZ Case/MagEZ Case Pro doesn't affect iPhone 11 charging when using the MagSafe Charger.

6. Will the PITAKA MagEZ Card Sleeve attach to my case-less iPhone 12?

magnetic card sleeve from PITAKA work with iPhone 12 MagEZ Case

No. The MagEZ Card Sleeve is PITAKA's magnetic wallet that attaches to the MagEZ Case to carry and access business cards or credit cards conveniently. Since it was designed to fit our MagEZ Case and iPad Pro/iPad Air Case, it can't fasten to the case-less iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 in a MagSafe case, but it can attach to the MagEZ Case for iPhone 12.

compatibility between Apple MagSafe and PITAKA MagEZ

More Coming Soon To PITAKA's MagEZ System

more are coming to the magnetic wireless charging and carrying system from PITAKA

Three years since deciding to implement magnets into a wireless charging system, PITAKA has built up experience creating alternative magnetic gadgets. Now, we are working on upgrading our MagEZ chargers to work seamlessly with Apple's MagSafe system. In the near future, you will be able to snap the case-less iPhone 12 to our MagEZ Mount Qi and other magnetic wireless chargers. Stay tuned!


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