9 Cool Things to do with your Apple Watch

Apple Watch, the world’s most recognizable piece of wearable technology, is changing the industry and our lives. Last year the Apple Watch sold more units than the entire Swiss watch industry, setting the bar ever higher for the smart watch industry as a whole. Although a growing number of companies are entering the market, Apple’s share of the market knows no parallel.

Whether as a fashion accessory or an enhancement to our mobile technological experience, the Apple Watch has certainly had an effect on the lives of its users. Here we explore some of the cool things you can do with your Apple Watch.

What’s so great about the Apple Watch?

The concept of smartwatches dates back several decades, but they were not that ‘smart’ in the way we understand them to be today. Inspired by examples found in the fictional worlds of Star Trek or the James Bond films, Smartwatches were introduced as digital devices with additional functions such as calculation and data entry in the 1970s and 1980s. Introduced in 1994, the Timex Datalink was the first digital watch capable of uploading data from a computer and was used in a number of NASA space missions.

haptic technology

The introduction of haptic technology has played an important role in the development of smartwatches. By responding to the user’s movements and offering vibrational notifications, haptic technology makes devices more in sync with the human physical world: in fact, this is one of the key reasons some philosophers believe our smart devices are turning us into cyborgs. Though Apple was not the first to adopt haptic technology for wearable devices, the introduction of the Apple Watch has done much to bring this technology into the mainstream.

Apple Watch fitness health app

What made the first Apple Watch unique was its iOS user interface and ability to fully sync with the iPhone. This allowed users to treat the device as an extension of their mobile phone to receive information even more efficiently than before. Furthermore, with the ability to track health and fitness, the Apple Watch plays a role in users’ daily lives by making them more health conscious and informed at the same time.

Cools things to do with your Apple Watch

1. Instantly locate your iPhone

Find your iPhone by using Apple Watch

Misplaced your iPhone? Don’t worry. Just swipe up from the bottom of your Apple watch, tap the ‘vibrating phone’ icon, and listen for the tone. You can keep tapping the icon until you locate the device.

2. Control other devices

unlock your Macbook by using your Apple Watch

What’s great about the Apple ecosystem is that nearly all Apple devices are somehow connected.

When music is playing on your iPhone, you can also open the Music app on your watch to control your tunes from your wrist. Apart from that, the Apple Watch can be the extension of other Apple devices too. Unlock your MacBook when you approach it, and control your Apple TV, as the remote control does.

3. Simplified notifications

Incoming call from Apple Watch instant notification

The Apple Watch displays all of your text and other notifications in one place. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend looking at your phone. It is especially valuable at work or when driving. The Apple Watch is also capable of answering phone calls, and may be paired with Bluetooth headsets for easy call answering.

4. Navigate from your wrist

Apple Maps on Apple Watch put the map on your wrist

The Apple Watch can be synced with Maps or Google Maps for easy navigation in any environment. This allows you to follow simple directions without constantly looking at your phone, saving battery life over time.

To set your watch as a navigator, you just need to open the Maps app, tap Location and destination, select walking/biking/driving, and you are ready to go.

5. Tap to pay

Apple Pay on your Apple Watch pay for goods by using Apple Watch

Paying with your smartphone is simple: Apple takes this a step further by making Apple Pay available on Apple Watch. Simply double-click the side button, move the watch near the scanner and wait for the gentle tap to inform you that your purchase payment is complete.

6. Set up a personal workout routine

Apple Watch helps you workout exercise

The Apple Watch works as a fitness tracker through built-in apps: Workout and Activity. The Workout app tracks data such as distance, steps and calories burned through activities such as walking, running, swimming, and more. The Activity app also helps you reach customized workout goals based on your body type and encourages you to them through notifications. Tips for safe exercising are also included.

What’s more, there are numerous third party apps that work with the Apple Watch to track all kinds of activities: the choice is yours.

7. Measure your heart rate, save your life

check your heart rate with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch was designed to inspire healthier lifestyles, and potentially save lives. By holding your finger on the crown, the Electrocardiogram (ECG) app will generate results in just 30 seconds. The Heart Rate app can show your heart rhythms and produce alerts in the event of irregularities.

8. Send a Digital Touch message

Send digital touch messages through Apple Watch

Digital Touch is one of the key features that adds a touch of humanity to the Apple Watch experience. Simply sketch a heart or tap a heartbeat to that special someone for that added heartwarming connection.

9. Raise to wake Siri

Wake Siri on Apple Watch

You can ask Siri to get things done from your Apple Watch by simply raising your wrist and speaking with no need to say “hey Siri”.


The more you dig in, the more cools thing you’ll find the Apple Watch is capable of. When you are enjoying the convenience and flexibility from your Apple Watch, don’t forget to protect it with an Apple Watch case. It’s robust yet fragile, and it’s pretty pricey compared to other smartwatches.

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