5 Key Points to Choose the Best Phone Case for iPhone 11

iphone 11 case

Before the official release of iPhone 11, many fans were complaining about the changes leaked online. However, soaring sales have proved that Apple fans are still as diehard as ever, come what may. Even though you may not like the new changes, the general consensus is that the iPhone 11 is superb.

It’s now available in six colors, and I think that the new midnight green is super cool. The multiple camera lenses enable you to shoot 4K video at an amazing 60 fps which is a first for the iPhone. Fortunately, battery life has also been enhanced which ensures that the experience is always excellent or ‘may be’ even better with the advanced A13 Bionic chip.

Of course, your shiny new iPhone 11 deserves some good, quality protection. So, if you have purchased an iPhone 11, what kind of phone case should you purchase?

So, the big question for today is “what is the perfect case for the iPhone 11”?

1. What Are the Options for an iPhone 11 Case?

Amazingly even before Apple officially released the iPhone 11, various phone case brands were already selling cases for it.

1) The Plastic Phone Case

Some people will choose a case made of plastic. Plastic is relatively easy to manufacture and it’s cheap, usually coming with fancy designs, although as time goes by, the plastic will often turn yellow or worse become oily, which ends up making your iPhone look grubby and uncomfortable to hold, worse still is that people might mistake your iPhone 11 as counterfeit.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to customize or decorate


  • Looks cheap
  • Not sustainable
  • Not durable enough

2) The Wooden Phone Case

A wooden phone case would be a good choice if you want to have a customized design engraved on the back. It’s more sustainable than a plastic case and it is easy to grip and hold safely.

Compared to other cases, however, it’s not as protective or robust, water, grit or cleaner can soften or even damage the wood. Some woods are not very durable and can easily mark, for example, if you were twiddling your pen and accidentally dropped it onto the wooden case, it could leave a mark and ruin it.


  • Easy to grip
  • More sustainable than plastic
  • Highly Customizable


  • Not so protective
  • Could be expensive
  • Not widely available

3) The Carbon Fiber Phone Case

Carbon fiber phone cases are amongst the toughest cases available today. Carbon fiber is very strong and highly resistant to both heat and corrosion. However, its biggest drawback is that it is conductive, which means that it blocks signals significantly, which can have a negative effect on your phones’ ability to get a cell tower signal.

It is a very high-end case material due to its light weight, strength and quality, which also means that a carbon fiber case is quite expensive. If you are into futuristic looks, a carbon fiber phone case would be a good idea.


  • Strength
  • Lightweight
  • Attractive


  • Expensive
  • Limited patterns or colors
  • Affect phone signal

It’s at this point that we need to ask a particular question; how do you choose a phone case that is well matched with a phone worth more than 700 US dollars?

2. How to Choose the Best Phone Case for the iPhone 11?

As the saying goes, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. What others consider the best may not be so for you. Think about what you need when you choose a phone case.

If you have to work hard to afford an iPhone 11, or you are a little careless and you drop your phone once in a while, you probably want your phone to last a long time and you’ll want to protect it as best as you can. In this instance, a protective case is what you will need. However, if you are minimalistic, perhaps someone who does not like bulk or clutter, then you don’t want a case that weighs too much or has a fussy design. Similarly, if you use wireless chargers or have any other gadgets that need to connect wirelessly to your phone, check that the phone case will not affect the wireless charging or device connectivity.

You probably have a rough idea about the type of phone case you should choose, although if you’re not careful, you might miss out on a few details that are important when it comes to selecting the best case for the iPhone 11.

No matter what kind of case you pick, it should have the following features:

1) Extra Protection for Camera Lens

iPhones are always superb at taking photos. Now Apple is taking photography with a smartphone to another level, the new dual-camera system, ultra-wide camera on iPhone 11 allows you to capture four times more scenery. Whilst that sounds very nice, there are concerns around how to protect the camera lenses as there is now a higher risk of scratching them. What can you do to protect them? Clearly, you need a phone case that has the ring to protect the camera frame.

extra protection for rear camera

There are camera lens protectors, filters and a few other things that can give some protection to the lenses on the phone. But a case with protection for the camera lenses built-in is the most economical.

If you are going to purchase a phone case for iPhone 11, check whether it provides extra protection for rear camera lenses.

2) Durable Material

If the phone case is not durable, then it is hard to see how your phone can be durable? The iPhone 11 has a back cover made from glass.

Glass is a non-crystalline solid mainly consisting of silicon dioxide. It has high light transmission and perspective performance. It’s beautiful yet it’s brittle. A drop from 3 feet could smash the glass, so a case is essential to avoid this.

All phone cases cover the back of the phone, whether they are bulky or thin. Even though you have got the back all covered, it doesn’t mean that it is free from damage. Your iPhone could be dropped from a height onto harsh conditions and that is why the material the case is made from is important, you need to know which material is durable.

You’ve probably heard of the aramid fiber case is five times stronger than steel and extremely lightweight. Consequently, Aramid fiber case gives your iPhone 11 the strongest protection.

durable case

3) Pleasant but Not Slippery Texture for Easy Grip

The iPhone 11 has adopted an advanced chip-A13 Bionic, which means you can enjoy fast gaming and photo editing. Sounds great, right? But imagine the phone slip out of your hand when you are taking a photo or video. A case that has a good grip and texture is therefore vital.

A proper case should provide a good grip so that you can hold your iPhone 11 safely when you are using it. To get the most use out of the new iPhone and also protect your phone, you need a case that is comfortable with a non-slippery grip.

PITAKA case 3D grip

Looking at the phone case, it can sometimes tell you whether it’s slippery or not. Perhaps learning what kind of material it’s made from can help. The most secure way is to hold the case, feel it for yourself. Is it too smooth to slip out of your hands? If it is, you might want to think twice.

4) A Beautiful Design

At first sight, the biggest change of the iPhone 11 is the color. Purple, yellow, green, black, white and red, all look stunning.

credits to Apple
Credits to Apple

If it’s covered by a phone case, its beauty may be lost. But if the case has a luxurious color and stylish design, it would enhance the look of the iPhone 11. There are cases that blend very well with the phone to seem almost part of the phone. If possible, before you purchase, put the phone in the case and see if it looks ugly or more stylish. If you can’t do a field test, check for any online reviews.

5) As Minimalistic as Possible

Apple fans are glued to iPhones not only because they have the best operating system but also, they are often considered minimalistic.

Apple and PITAKA minimalism
Credits to Apple

Take a look at the iPhone 11 and you will see that it doesn’t show much from the outside apart from the Apple icon on the back. The cover, screen, and buttons are all elaborately designed, and there are no redundant signs or marks at all. For such a powerful machine, it certainly looks minimalistic. You need a minimalistic phone case so that you don’t ruin the beauty of iPhone 11. Even if you want more protection, your phone case doesn’t need to be bulky, it’s possible to pick the most minimalistic one compared to those thick, protective cases.

Are you more aware of what kind of phone case you should choose now? Is there a phone case that meets all of these demands?

3. A Durable & Stylish Case for the iPhone 11

The PITAKA phone cases for the iPhone 11 meet all of the points above. They are all made from Aramid fiber, so they are durable and lightweight. They all have the 3D-grip texture that you will love the feel of. They also have the extra ring protection for the rear camera, which is really, the icing on the cake. Even more importantly, the minimalistic, but elaborate design, enhances the look of the iPhone 11.

All three PITAKA phone cases are simply terrific, each with their own set of distinguishing characteristics.

-The MagEZ Case

PITAKA MagEZ Case for iPhone 11

Just like the Air Case, the MagEZ Case is thin and lightweight. The main difference is that the MagEZ Case has embedded metal plates, which means that it can work with magnetic car mounts such as the PITAKA MagEZ Mount Qi. It is wireless charging friendly, so if you are into wireless charging, the MagEZ Case is perfect for you.

-The Air Case

PITAKA Air Case for iPhone 11

Made from the finest selected 600D filament, which is in limited supply, the Air Case is the thinnest phone case PITAKA has ever created, with a thickness of just 0.60 mm. Even if your phone has the Air Case on, you can hardly feel it, yet it is made from aramid fiber and it is super durable. The fine woven lines make it as elegant as possible, its 3D silky texture is soft enough, but not slippery, to make sure that you don’t accidentally let go of it.

-The MagEZ Case Pro

PITAKA MagEZ Case Pro for iPhone 11

If you prefer a phone case that’s a bit thicker for more protection, the MagEZ Case Pro is your thing. It’s extremely protective with 5 layers of protection, this means that it is thicker than the minimalistic Air Case and MagEZ Case, although it’s still not bulky. If you were to accidentally drop your iPhone from the third floor, the MagEZ Case Pro will provide extreme, all-round protection from the top to the bottom, from the front screen to the rear camera lens. In addition, and similar to the MagEZ Case, it does not affect wireless charging at all.

In Conclusion

To pick the best case for your phone, you need to look closely, touch it, feel it, think about how you want it to look, don’t ignore the little details. All in all, a phone case should be comfortable, protective and beautiful.

Keep the 5 key points above in mind and you shouldn’t buy a case that you regret.

But why waste time when you now know that PITAKA has everything you are looking for, be it an extremely minimalistic case or a super protective one. Don’t delay, order it today!

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